ADR Rumors continue

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 22, 2015.

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  2. I don't see it happening, tbh. I love ADR where he's at right now.
  3. Only desperation and a desire for money will bring him back at this point.
  4. He's boring. :gtfo:
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  5. Del rio should come back either at SS or the RR. He could last a long time in the rumble, too. I like del rios wrestling, but he needs better mic skills.

    I would love to see him feuding with guys like KO, Neville, and Rollins
  6. Why would he come back to a company he personally feels is racist and took the other guys side in the altercation. He is also a charisma free robot, tried and failed to make him a top Latin star. Good wrestler but so what there are better talents wrestling wise and have more then that to offer out there.
  7. Money talks. I don't think he can honestly look in the mirror and say the company is racist, considering all the success he had. Like it or not, he did break the rules. Sure, the guy shouldn't have made a racist joke, but that doesn't mean the whole company is racist just because he got let go for hitting someone.
  8. Indeed money does talk but so soon idk, sure Punk would come back if he needed it badly and wwe feel they would benefit from it, but somewhere down the line not now. Sure I saw ADR interviews and he seemed disgruntled they way they handled it ,never say never a la Bret Hart but that was a good good few years later.
  9. If ADR were ever to come back, then that racist shithead that he slapped needs to be fired.
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