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  1. So he's basically a tweener atm right?

    Kicked DZ all over at Payback getting grief in the process off fans. Then on RAW RR takes the micky out of the Carolina fans with the awful accent. Plus a fair few boos through the match for him.

    Have they given up trying to make him a full face as it at times lacked reaction?

    Or is it the times as ppl get cheered and booed regardless of how WWE book them?
  2. They turned him full on heel.
  3. Bugger yeah just noticed the DQ at the end of the match vs Jericho. Good ADR works better as a heel.

    Still dont think ppl care though lols seems like lines are becoming more visibly blurred.
  4. In all honesty, he's not the greatest at face or heel. He gets boring to me after a while.
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  5. He's a heel now and I'm quite glad of it. I love the smug heel Del Rio is.
  6. This. People just don't appreciate the subtle nuances of Del Rio's greatness. He is the king of facial expressions. The mean streak he has as a heel worker is great as well.
  7. If I had the power to give him good mic skills than I would, if his mic skills were just a little better than he would be the heel of the company for sure. As far as his persona I would say he's a full blown heel at this point. I'm so glad WWE pulled the trigger with the double turn because I'm finally starting to like this feud.
  8. ADR wrestles so much better as a face, his character and body language tends to fit a heel though.
  9. Honestly though, his facial expressions are fantastic, but that's more or less all he has going for him as a heel in my opinion. The mic work isn't good enough and it's really let him down. I know you're a die hard ADR fan, and I too think his look is magnificent, but somehow he just can't get those casuals to boo his candy ass. Or even get the smarks to boo him.
  10. I think he is much better as a heel. His match w Jericho was probably the best work I've seen from him aside from the payback match
  11. I really like ADR but it always seems like to me something is just missing and sending him stratospheric. Could it be the Billy Gunn effect in action.
  12. I too think he's a better ring worker as a heel. His facial expressions and general mannerisms probably help a lot with that though.
  13. Yeah he looks best as heel, and this might actually work in his favor for a while. He was so stale for a while.
  14. +1

    His mic work sucks and his in ring is good, but it's not good enough to make up for it.
  15. +2
    The guy does absolutely nothing for me. He like Swagger, is just pure dullness and boredom. I had some hope for his face turn, it showed promise, but that sucked too (aside from Ricardo :emoji_heart_eyes:

    edit: His match with DZ was fantastic though. I have to give the guy some credit.
  16. I didn't think he was a very good face, makes a much better heel IMO. Although saying that, hes not my favourite wrestler by a long shot either face or heel.
  17. Swagger is just grim though. ADR at least entertains in ring.
  18. Never noticed this thread when I made my latest, oh well.

    He definitely suits being a heel though IMO, although I think his face run would have went a lot better if he didn't have that fued with Swagger. Still seems utterly stupid to me choosing him when you had Henry there who was perfectly set up to face him.
  19. ADR haters are the drizzling shits of fans.
  20. Not sure it was aimed at me, I'm not hating..He's a good heel and can be fairly subtle with his heelless (for want of a better word), along with just booting people in the head. What I was saying is.. hes just not my fav.
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