Adrian Neville: Chill on the gymnastics?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Some is fine but does anyone else think he could do with a lot less flipping about in the ring? Sure, use your athleticism when it is needed, but he is overkill with it and it distracts from the matches, and not in a good way. Realistically he is a pretty good technical wrestler and I think he is as prepared for a main roster call up as he will be, but I wish he would lay off some of the hey-why-not-do-a-back-handspring-here type of shit.
  2. Do you mean when he does his tumbling pass across the ring, flipping back and forth off a backdrop or something into the corner?

    Yeah, he should do away with that for sure. It doesn't contribute anything. Would be cooler if he did one little flip like that to get under a clothesline and come up with some cool spots to do with that.
  3. Yeah I mean, I think he's good enough with the Red Arrow, and a few flips for an entrance/exit but I feel it, he's really flashy with it at the moment and has been.
  4. Leave that shit for the ballerinas.
  5. You're all just jealous because he can use his ears to fly.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Its the same issue I had/have with Morrison. You can incorporate it into your ring work, but do it in a way that makes it seem useful. Just jumping about like a 14 year old russian gymnast in the olympics (gusta) isn't great for me to watch in a rasslin match
  8. I think he's just doing it to show Triple H that he should be brought up. He's trying to show off.
  9. I don't really mind it to be honest.
  10. were you a big fan of John Morrison's ring work?
  11. I despise John Morrison.
  12. Why? He does all of the same flippy gymnastics bull, plus has better abs and isn't a Brit that talks like mush mouth
  13. I don't mind the one he does when he makes an opponent outside the ring think he is going to leap out at them, but bounces off the ropes back to the middle of the ring.
  14. I really am crying of joy that a thread about a guy flipping in NXT is being so heavy in weight here, AMEN Dolph's AMEN all of these lovable dips
  15. Dunno, I just despised John Morrison. Partly because of how fucking overrated he was by some in the IWC at the time, partly because he bored the absolute shit out of me. Adrian can get a tag-team and have a sick high-flying duo going on, and no one is going to expect him to be pushed up the card. Morrison seemed to have this self-entitled attitude going on, and a large portion of the IWC bought into it at one point.
  16. Guess I wasn't watching at that point. By the time I was watching again in 2010 he was pretty hated by the IWT.
  17. I loved the hate he got. I'm such a hater. Though I can see the benefits of him returning at some point; some of those shocking spots he used to do were pretty sick (Royal Rumble comes to mind actually).
  18. I'll always remember his chamber spot from I think 2010. When he was dingling by his feet from the chamber roof and fell onto someone.

    It was on Sheamful
  19. I never really liked him or hated him, but he left pretty soon after I started watching again so I didn't get a chance to grow to hate him. He had a cool feud with Sheamus on Raw in 2010, and a good feud with Miz/DB over the US Title as well IIRC
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