Adrian Neville vs Ric Victor and Kassius Ohno vs Bray Wyatt

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Here are two matches from NXT's latest house show down in Florida.

    What I am taking from these two matches:

    two really good close to ten minute matches.
    Neville can get a crowd going by just looking at the turnbuckle.
    This is the Kassius Ohno we have been looking for.
    Call Bray Wyatt up. He's ready in every way possible.
    Ric Victor is going to be one of my favorites on NXT once guys like Ohno, Wyatt and some others are on the main roster. He's got a personality unlike most Dungeon students.
    Also Victor has one of the best uppercuts in the industry.
    The fans have been conditioned to shout boring as soon as the match slows down. Case in point whenever the heels grounded the faces.

    All in all. Two really good matches by four really good wrestlers.
  2. Well, was able to watch it today, pretty good match indeed, Kassius as a face works.
  3. Found a still of Ric Victor and his current look.


    Either put this guy with a devious gimmick of some kind (priest maybe ala old Chris Daniels) or Conor O'Brien found his new Ascension partner.
  4. Dude needs to shave his head lol
  5. Watched Victor / Neville yesterday the kid annoyed me but the match was pretty good, it was the ultimate face against the ultimate heel and they clicked.
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