ADR's best month.

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  1. Has this been ADR's best month since he's been in WWE? I think he has been absolutely fantastic this month. Has he turned some haters into fans here?
  2. No. Alberto Del Rio the character is still dull, generic and doesn't really make sense. His mic work is really poor as a heel, and would work so much better as a face.

    The aggression is cool, and it at least gives me something to care about his character. Still though, his painfully dull promos and the fact that he comes out in pimpy suits and cars... yet we're meant to boo him is so pointless. He's got loads of potential, but it's not being at all utilised.
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  3. I enjoyed his debut month most tbh.
  4. It's been a pretty good month indeed. Different, more effective booking, nice.
  5. He's been okay but nothing too big of a change tbh.
  6. He's getting there. At least he's showing aggression now, compared to his regular smiling "look at me" rich gimmick.

    As Seabs said though, the start of his career was a lot better. But probably rewatching it now it'd be boring because we've seen the same thing for two years now.
  7. Yeah, the beggining of his career was pretty good because it was fresh. Everything gets boring when you do it over and over.
  8. Quoting the truth.
  9. I don't see how his mic work has been poor this month, he's excelled in my opinion.
  10. ADR is still god awful to me. He is so boring. I don't think I've ever saw anyone as boring as ADR as long as I've been watching wrestling.
  11. Really? I understand why you think he's boring, he's not everyone's cup of tea (British quote ftw), but to call him the most boring ever is a bit far :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    He has one fo the best looks in WWE, he's great on the mic I think, just be's been given content in his career which sucks. Just this month I think he's been great.
  12. ADR has presence on the mic which I like but even I wouldn't call him a great mic worker, he gives me wood when he wrestles but that's all that's truly remarkable about him IMO.
  13. I think it's been a decent month for him, I wouldn't say it was his best though. He has been getting slightly better at the microphone, been getting more heat now, and has been more aggressive like a heel should. I think he's improving slightly, and that's good, but I wouldn't count this as his best month really.
  14. Definitely agree about the looks and the fact that he could be a great Mic worker. But I still think his current stuff is pretty generic.

    Around the 3 minute mark. His promo last Smackdown.

    It comes across as really forced to me. Also, this may be the WWE's fault, but the content is pretty poor and he never really keeps me interested at any point. What he needs to do is turn face and play a role similar to what Eddie Guererro did. Granted, I don't rate him nearly as highly as I did Eddie out of the ring, but I think a gimmick like Eddie's would work perfectly.
  15. I try to watch Del Rio's promo's and matches, but i just.. have to skip. Not because of him, because of the feud he's currently in with Sheamus..
  16. I've been most interested in him this month than I have been since his debut. i guess theyre doing something right then :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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