Advertising WWE Forums in my video upload, (Friday Night Smackdown 27th Jan)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Jan 27, 2012.


    It's the full show in one video with High Definition.

    Subscribe & Like & Comment maybe?

    Thinking of uploading Royal Rumble to the channel, my acc is from 2010.
  2. Thanks for uploading the video. I'm currently watching Smackdown, the reason I never like watching it "live" is because of from the vault, it's so annoying. Hopefully this will help bring in members to the site.
  3. Good luck with getting the Rumble on, rofl.
    They only allow PPV's that are like at least 3 years old mate.

    My account is from 2009 and I uploaded a video from nearly 2 years ago PPV, and it got removed.
  4. Nice upload man :emoji_slight_smile:. You doing this on a regular basis? If so; you're welcome to join uploaders if you give me a PM.
  5. Nice. Maybe we'll get more registrations now :emoji_slight_smile: Also, you should direct link them to our site so they don't have to C&P.
  6. Don't do it after one upload man, kills the decency of the group.

    They should at least have to earn it :/
  7. The group isn't full i believe? And i believe more uploaders/advertisers are needed? Maybe if you were 20 uploaders i'd understand you.

    And yes Crayo i will do it on a regular basis.

    I will get it on but i know it'll be removed like one day later or so? But atleast people will watch it and see the WWE Forums advertising.
  8. lol might watch this cuz its on yt
  9. It probably won't get passed the initial screening process. So I doubt it would go up at all. You could try a dispute but you would be really jeopardizing your channel.
  10. Hmm you might be right after all, but it's worth a try and no i won't try a dispute..would be too much and it won't solve anything, but i'll give it a try though.
  11. Booker t is an announcer now wtf lol

    wonder if that girl got nudes
  12. Lol haven't you watched WWE for the last one year? I think he came back at the Royal Rumble and debuted as an announcer after it.
  13. Mine was taken down instantly.
    You don't stand a chance.
  14. Okay 'Mr.Perfect' i won't do it.
  15. You don't put any copyright message though Jonathan.
  16. Wow this year has definitely gone fast, haven't even realized, woah.
  17. Didn't think it was straight away but yeah was soon after.

    Mike isn't much of a fan.
  18. I actually meant he made a come back at the Royal rumble but debuted sooner after it as a commentator. :emoji_slight_smile: