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Discussion in 'Sports' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Replay the game

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  2. MInus 26 or bigger if someone gets beaten worse

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  3. Tourney DQ

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  1. Ill give you 3 options I thought of and see what you guys would have done:

    OK, my store is having an NHL through the ages tournament. A plus minus tourney where the winner of the tourney gets NHL 13 free. You play 2 games a week, one against myself and the other one against my business partner. You beat me by 2 you get plus 2 you lose by 4 you get minus 4... etc etc

    Week 1 is NHLPA 93 on SNES
    Week 2 was NHL 94 on Genesis

    issue on week 3
    NHL 99 N64 My partner is playing a tourney match and pauses and calls me over for a ruling (as he is in game he gets no vote). game is paused at a 6-6 score. (NHL 99 has shitty goalies and the setting is on amateur..basically the goalies play like they eat paint chips).

    Apparently player went online and found a cheat where if a fight happens, if you throw no punches and allow the opponent to pummel you. he gets 5 minutes in penalties and you do not, resulting in a 5 minute power play for you! he tells my partner this after he scored on the ensuing Power play to tie the game after the fight happened. Im asked for a ruling.

    NOTE: tourney has a stipulation where if you do not play a particular game for what ever reason, you are assessed the worse plus minus delivered in the weeks games.

    currently for NHL 99 it is a -26 jay beat someone 30-4.... i know.

    options are..

    1. Play game over... restart as game was tied.

    2. assess the didn't play penalty to the player and hand him a minus 26 for one game.

    3. tournament DQ for using an exploit/cheat

    what do you think?


    Also, this player at +6 is the current leader of the tourney
  2. There are glitches in every game that people take advantage of. I don't see how you can kick him out. I think the game should either be replayed or the game should be declared a tie and be gets a 0 for this game.
  3. i voted replay..
  4. Voted replay, the kid was smart enough to look it up, and assholeish enough to think it would work. Stip should be if he uses anything else like that he loses automatically.
  5. Play it again, if he uses it again then kick him out of the tourney. That seems fair to me.
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