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  1. I like this girl at my school but can never approach her without hesitating and when I do try, she's in a group with people. I think she likes me too but I never really get to talk to her. Advice?
  2. Okay this is from someone who couldn't sink his balls in a hole if he spent all day at a golf course.

    Just speak to her. Honestly even if it's just a short chat just get to know her somehow.. Don't overdo it though see if she's interested in conversing with you - she might initiate a conversation or get your number.. etc.

    Yes this shit makes me cringe as well.. but also check this, they seem to know what they're talking about.

    I'm sure someone who's got more "experience" with this sort of thing will come in and give you better advice, but this is the best I can do :emoji_slight_smile:

  3. Try to start by instigating conversation with her. Say you have a class together. Try talking to her during class about the subject or something. That way you have a ice breaker. Work your way up slowly.
  4. Talk to her, ask her out, if she says no, you always have your right hand. That was my motivation speech when I spoke to girls at your age.
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  5. What do you mean right hand.....o_e either way today walking in the commons and this dude was with this girl and he slapped her ass so hard i was like holy shits but yeah I don't know how to talk to her without forgetting what to say lol.
  6. Don't do a Rock and write it on the wrist. Then again. If you end up with just your right hand it's all in the wrist :pity:
  7. He means you always have your right hand to wank yourself silly with.

  8. But she's not like that its just that theres lots of hot girls but she stands out because of how she is.
  9. :laugh:
  10. To smack that bitch across the face if she rejects you.
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  11. Guys seriously any more advice? I feel like if I talk to her I'm going to say something stupid.
  12. Talk to her in a enviorment were you wont look stupid. As I said. In class if you share any is a surefire way. Start talking about the subject. You don't need to ask her out. Just try to get a conversation about the subject rolling and make yourself seem interesting. Then you can start having conversations in the hallway and such.
  13. Read what I said.
  14. Take our advice and before you know it, you're right arm will be less fatigued and you'll be getting all the oats you could ever ask for.

  15. No R'alb, he will be spreading HIS oats. #R'Albisthe40yearoldvirgin :otunga:
  16. Well going to try start talking to her tomorrow. We have 3 classes together but its so hard to talk when you barely sit near them(including gym, our team never faces their team. I'm the most talkative by then).
  17. :alone:

    What does she wear for gym by the way? Can't beat a girl in joggers and a strappy top with plently of cleavage :kobe:
  18. We all have to wear a t-shirt and shorts and she looks cute there cuz she is always smiling then
  19. Short shorts? :otunga:

  20. no regular shorts :emoji_slight_frown:
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