Aesop rock. Check this shit out.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Lots of love for DZ for throwing this idea out in my head, been listening to Aesop for about 5 years now, and his new album is sick. The full album is on rhymesayers youtube to check out, matter of fact, check out the whole g ang on there.
  2. Aesop rock. Check this s*** out.

    Got his new album and it's pretty awesome. Was listening to it earlier whilst on the treadmill but had to stop to actually concentrate on the lyrics since that's his best quality imo.
  3. RE: Aesop rock. Check this s*** out.

    I'm glad you guys enjoy the album.. I'm on it's cock hard.

    Crayo if you like Aesop and his lyrics you gotta check out his older albums, particularly Labor Days and None Shall Pass

    The two greatest things about Aesop:
    1.) uniqueness- not many if any who do it like he does. If they did it would just make people think they were biting Aesop

    2.) complexity. There are songs I've listened to of his hundreds of times that I still can't decipher
  4. Aesop rock. Check this s*** out.

    Already ahead of you -- downloaded Labor Days. Going to get through it and enjoy it before getting None Shall Pass. Agreed, had to do a bit of research to understand some of the songs I've listened to. They're always better when you actually know what he's talking about, lol.
  5. Aesop rock. Check this s*** out.

    very good song
  6. RE: Aesop rock. Check this s*** out.

    :obama: nice work
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