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A few of the big stories coming out of Dynamite (Nov. 25, 2020) were Lancer Archer saving the day against Eddie Kingston, Taz choking Cody, and Abadon licking the AEW Women’s Championship. Fallout includes Archer clarifying his status, Taz stealing from Cody, a return in the women’s division, as well as other goodies.

Lance Archer came out looking to smash Eddie Kingston after the main event. In the process, Archer ended up saving the Death Triangle. There was confusion at the time if that meant he was now on the path of light and right. Not so fast, my friend. Archer clarified that it was only about kicking everybody’s ass.

I did that!
Not “joining” any groups.
Not turning . Not either.
Im just here to kick EVERYBODYS azzzzzzz in @AEW

— The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer (@LanceHoyt) November 26, 2020

That settles that. Archer is just out for ass. Nobody gets a pass. This is one of those moments where it is too bad the arena is not full of fans. I’m curious if Archer would be showered with cheers next time he appears. Archer is bad, but it could be argued that Kingston is worse on the scale of evil. PAC is no peach himself.

Cody Rhodes admitted that he made a mistake when speaking with Taz in the ring. No, it’s not what you would expect about crossing the line in regard to airing family affairs out in public. It was failing to adhere to a lesson he learned on the first day of wrestling training.

Literally first day of wrestling training

✔️ show respect and shake everybody’s hand

✔️ don’t check your gear on the flight

❌ don’t turn your back

— Cody (@CodyRhodes) November 26, 2020

It seems that Taz took more than Cody’s pride on that evening. He also stole Cody’s wallet.’s a heavy ass wallet. #AEWDynamite

— head honcho (@OfficialTAZ) November 26, 2020

Cody better hope Taz didn’t use those credit cards to buy a meal for Brian Cage and Will Hobbs. Those boys could run a $1,000 tab real quick. Ricky Starks would probably order the most expensive item on the menu as a shot at Cody.

Hikaru Shida had a roller coaster ride of emotion on Dynamite. After retaining the AEW Women’s Championship against Anna Jay, she was left in shock when confronted by the creepy ghoul Abadon. A mess was made with the belt when Abadon licked it red. AEW spared all expense by having the champ clean the belt herself.

Thank you for watching #AEWDynamite tonight! Aaaand stilllllll!!!!!!!
However, my belt was contaminated.....
日本からも、応援ありがとうございました!!とりあえずベルトをキレイにしています・・・#AndStill #HolyShida #AEWonTNT

— HIKARU SHIDA 志田 光 (@shidahikaru) November 26, 2020

Damn, AEW. You’re just going to risk the health of your champion by letting her touch whatever toxic substance came out of Abadon’s mouth? They should have had people in hazmat suits detoxifying the belt.

Vickie Guerrero sassed Brandi Rhodes about nepotism, but the Chief Brandi Officer reminded Vickie of her past history in the business. Score this round for Brandi.

Funny @VickieGuerrero complaining about nepotism...throwing stones in glass houses, are we Ms. GUERRERO? You’re the OG of nepotism #AEWDynamite

— Brandi Rhodes (@TheBrandiRhodes) November 26, 2020

Dark will feature a returning lady to the women’s division. Shanna is back! She had been overseas due to coronavirus travel restrictions. Shanna’s best moment in AEW was her tables feud against Nyla Rose.

.@Shannanjii is BACK in action as she takes on @MsTPrice, Cutler & Avalon respectively look to keep their singles victory streak running, & much more.
Follow @TheAEWDark for match break downs.

Watch #AEWDark this Tues at 7e/6c via our YouTube Channel - All Elite Wrestling

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) November 28, 2020

The biggest bout for the show is 5 & 10 versus Jurassic Express versus Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela in a three-way. One women’s bout in particular caught my eye. Ivelisse is going solo against Lyndsay Snow. That could be a springboard for Ivelisse toward a title shot. Shida is running out of fresh meat, and Ivelisse has the star power if needed for an important show.

We’ll close with an AEW Thanksgiving family portrait.

What’s your take to Lance Archer not turning babyface? Are you excited for Shanna’s return?

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