African American Has Surprising Comments For Trayvon Martin Supporters

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  2. It's sad but true what he's saying. Just look at the way the African community used to react to jokes. It's all fine and dandy when a black person says it, but when anybody that's not black says the same joke, it's racist. There's less of that now, but what he's saying is true. I don't really have anything to add, he summed everything up already, all I say is I agree with him. I think it's people in general as well and the media, because it's not just black people, it's everybody taking it and blowing it out of proportion. Of course let's all do what the media wants us to do, lets continue to get angry, talk about this, and ignore everything else in the world. Once we're over this, lets pass a new law, maybe one that'll help gay people so we can celebrate and once again become distracted. Lets continue to ignore the parasite for it can feed on us more.
  3. I don't get what he's trying to say. That black people should be equally apathetic regardless the skin color of the person pulling the trigger? In all honesty, I don't see the point in criticizing a group of people for caring about one case more than another. It's called context, lol. In any case, I doubt the rally was simply to honor the deceased. Possibly the outrage also has to do with the fact that his murder went unpunished. Just a hunch, but when a white guy walks away consequence-free from shooting a black man - well, certain people tend to get upset. And yeah, it was self-defense, but so what? Still a crime. It's true the case is blown all out of proportion, but there really is some kind of injustice there.
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  4. So a person should be sent up for acting in self defense?
  5. What made this case so big? Don't people get shot frequently due to self-defense?
  6. I guess because a "white man killed an innocent black kid".
    They had the trial recently, which caused everyone to go ape shit. I totally forgot this even happened (didn't the actual shooting happen like a year ago or some shit?), I only knew about this after everyone was posting about this shit everywhere. This was the only video I found somewhat interesting, mostly because he just destroys and shits on everyone :dawg::boss:
  7. I seen his parents on 20/20 or some shit. His mother looked asain or hawaiin.
  8. Shooting an unarmed person generally gets you a couple years, self-defense or not. Not saying I agree with it, but that's generally what happens.

    He only seems cool because of the cigar. Take away the cigar, he's just another nerd on the internet.:dawg:
  9. Didn't the victim only have a packet of skittles on him? Yep, need to defend against that sugar rush.

  10. I've honestly never heard of that. I figured there's probably a case or two where that's happened but I put it down mainly to tricky lawyers and/or an impotent/lazy/uninterested jury. And perhaps the fact that the person may not have been completely justified in shooting when they did.

    Generally, as long as you have a licensed weapon and can prove your safety or life were in danger at the time of the shooting, you're justified in shooting/killing someone. Otherwise, what is the point of owning a gun anyway. The whole concept of gun ownership is largely defended on the principles of self defense. Hell, it's part of the reason police carry them.
  11. You make a fair point!
  12. Hey man, unless it's kool-aid, we just can't have sugar.
  13. Smart smart man:obama:
  14. So a few problems here:

    1) Zimmerman is a Latino.
    2) What does any other case of crime have to do with Trayvon's case? I bet you I can find a case of child rape somewhere in the world, does that mean that a rape on this side of the world is meaningless?
    3) There are a lot of black on black crimes, but most of the people who commit a crime, if arrested, are found guilty.

    It's funny how people play this off as nothing because almost every day some teen in the black community is murdered. That doesn't change the fact that Trayvon's life ended tragically due to needless stupidity. Zimmerman may not know it yet, but life as he knows it also ended the moment he stepped out of the car and began to stalk Trayvon.

  15. He had some good points despite sounding like Uncle Ruckus
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  16. Lol'd. He does now that I think about it
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