Afro Adventures 2

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. It's finally finished. The not so anticipated arrival of Afro Adventures 2, featuring @Crayo & @Xanth . I showed this at the Montclair State University Film Festival and it went over tremendously with the crowd probably cause most of em were high and/or drunk, full house too. This got to go on first, which is a big deal cause usually the best films are reserved for that spot, but since the film they wanted to show had a corrupted DVD, they showed mine instead :haha: Enjoy

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  2. [​IMG]
    Congrats man, ill watch this in a bit.
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    This was so fucking amazing. You're a genius dude.
  4. This was the best thing that I've ever watched. In the next episode you should have to fight ghosts of Crayo and I. ly dat kid
  5. LOL that was great! Nice job :obama:
  6. lmao the faggy Crayo character.
  7. I had to pause the video for a minute because I could not take Crayo and Xanth screaming "soccer" over and over again LOL

    I'm honestly tempted to gif it and put it as my sig lmfaooo

    But holy shit, I'm amazed at this, dude, like seriously. Is there going to be a third one?
  8. When i started making the 2nd, I was considering making it a 4 part series. However, the guy who played Bladore is a friend of mine who only did this because of a favor, so I'd have to convince him to do it again. That's why I didn't end the continue part because I'm not sure if there'll be a part 3, let alone part 4.

    If there is I'll be using better equipment too and write an actual script instead of bullshitting in the woods lol.
  9. Must watch this will watch it later
  10. Loved the video game references in this. The Kefka laugh & the Konami code were both my favorite parts outside of the "SOCCER" bit which was just hilarious. And Slenderman makes everything better. Going to have to watch part one now.
  11. Close the forums, nothing else will be posted better than this.
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  12. Ah shit, that's a shame. I'd help you more if I could.

    And seriously? You guys just bs'd it? It didn't seem like it, lmao.
  13. I liked it
  14. You wanna shave you head, fly to jersey, and play a hair hating super villain?

    Yeah I said to everyone, ok I'm shooting afro adventures, we're gonna go in the woods to do it. I brought all my costumes & props, then we made it up on the spot
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  15. Man i mark for that 8bit music you used.
  16. SWEET! Thanks for the directions to this @Aids Johnson ! Funny shit.
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  17. That was hilarious. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I loved all that music. I think that was my fav part, finding that music
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  19. That was brilliant....Gave me some laughter. Xanth and Crayo shouting soccer, the Slenderman part.....

    It's always the Bald guy to be the villain against The Good guys with Afros......

    Good film, Dat kid...
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