Afro Adventures 3 Trailer

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  1. Things that might happen
    -Crayo & Xanth are resurrected
    -Appearance by Aids
    -Last Video in the series
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  2. Should used:

    @ 1:52
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  3. I absolutely love the SNES style music. 16bit?
  4. There's like a whole genre of the stuff called chiptune, i got into it. Ithink it's 8 bit though
  5. It's awesome. I've seen it on some random youtube vids over the years but the I believe I can fly track and ones like that are just perfect.

    Pretty sure it was used most popularly in the Super Columbine RPG game, but I could be wrong. Either way, awesome vid. Your dating vids on the channel are hilarious also.
  6. "You're grounded for entirety"
  7. :nope:
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