After 10 games, let's review the BPL.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. It's one of the most common sayings. You judge a new team "after 10 games" and a new manager "after 10 games", so here's the table:


    Who's winning? Who's going to be in the top 4? Who's getting relegated?

    Winning: Man United

    Top 4: United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal

    Relegated: Southampton, QPR, Reading.
  2. Winning: Man U
    Top 4: Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool
    Relegated: Reading, QPR, Southampton
  3. I said first game of the season that Southampton would be going down and you all laughed it off. I still feel they will be relegated come February, March.

    Man United will win the title.

    Top four will be United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea (In that order)

    Relegated will be Stoke, QPR, Southampton. (Hopefully in that order) :finger: Stoke.
  4. Lol zach said Liverpool.
  5. Chelski win the league :upset:

    Top 4: Chelsea, Man U, City, Everton(calling it now fags!)

    Relegated: Sunderland, :haha: Southampton, Reading/QPR

    Promoted: Middlesbrough, Leicester, Crystal Palace/Bolton
  6. Man U probably gonna win.

    Top four will be Man U, Chelsea, City, Tottenham/Arsenal (I expect them to fight for it with Arsenal probably winning) and Tottenham fighting with Everton most likely for fifth.

    Relegated: Southampton, QPR, Stoke.
  7. Chelsea will fall eventually, not enough depth.
  8. Do you think they will fall out of the top four completely or just further down it?

    You have Chelsea as a pick in your top four so that's why I am interested.
  9. Third, lol.

    They just won't be challenging the two Manchester clubs imo.
  10. Winners: City (Gonna buy Neymar and Falcao)
    Top 4: City, Chelsea, United, Arsenal/Spurs can't decide yet
    Relegated: Reading, QPR, Southampton.
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