Kayfabe After Alice Vs Antonio

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  1. Whilst Alice is being attended to Antonio stands in the ring looking abit more curious about the situation on the outside, Alex has Come down to ringside and begins to whisper to Antonio
    Is he okay? Should I see whats up them doctors are useless? He looks injured Alex I'll check on him.
    No, don't you will being putting your character as a heel in jeopardy
    I don't care he looks hurt. He's a fellow work colleague I'm worried about his health
    You can not just break kayfabe to check on him
    I can, watch me, I'm not bothered what you think
    You're an idiot
    Antonio goes to get out the ring and check on Alice, Alex pulls him back and tells him to stop again, to this Antonio reacts but roundhouse kicking Al, the crowd begin to cheer. As Antonio walks over to Alice he whispers to him
    Hope you're okay and thanks for a great match
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