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  1. ...I finally decided to make up my mind, so I came up with the REAL greatest wrestler of all time. A great wrestling fan and pirat uploader once said: "Someone needs to come up with a formula that deals with how, up to a certain point, more fat on a Japanese wrestler equals more stiffness. Some sort of puroresu Laffer curve."

    Here's a rundown:

    - This man is the grumpiest old man in the history of grumpy old men.
    - He brings hate in almost every fucking match he's in, especially against other grumpy men (Kawada, Hashimoto).
    - He brings DA HEAT. You know what heat is? It's the basic instinct of pro-graps, two bastards wanting to rip each others apart. Badly.
    - He was/is not the gymnast or technically sound guy, but he was/is the master of focus, the master of revolving his matches about the most simple moves out there, such as vicious neck chops and semi-illegal punches.
    - He makes the absolute most out of simplistic offense, out of nothing.
    - Well, not anymore, because he's almost 60, lolz.
    - He was terrorizing New Japan through the 90s.
    - The NJPW vs. WAR feud (he was the founder of WAR after leaving All Japan in '90) was the best thing from 90s' puroresu, yes, even better than All Japan's "Four Corners of Heaven" or "Kawada's Quest", and I love All Japan to death.
    - He came back to All Japan in 2000, to save the fed. He did it, of course, doh.
    - He especially likes to MAUL dumb rookies and ultra serious shooters.
    - Any match where the legality of repeated punches to the face comes up is a good one, in my book.

    ...and so on and on and on...

    So, yeah, his name is Genichiro Tenryu. It was really, REALLY tough to determine the REAL GOAT, but I made it through. Back then, one day I would think it was Jumbo, the other day it was Misawa, the day after that it was Tenryu, and so on... Repeat.

    Well, not anymore. If they sent me to a desert island, with being able to pick just ONE wrestler's box-set to watch for the rest of my life, I'd pick TENRYU, in a heartbeat.

    Here's just a sneak peak:

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  2. Naw its The Great Khali. Nice try though.
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