Kayfabe After Blade vs Blade

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  1. The referee calls for the bell, as the heavily anticipated rematch between the Blade Brothers has finished with The Blade being the triumphant out of the two. The Blade fuelled with adrenaline, although tired manages to jump up to his feet and celebrate his victory. The official hands him the Iron Man Championship and raises his hand.

    "And still your Iron Man Champion, The Blade!"

    Tyson finally comes to his senses and regains consciousness, after a vicious Blade Bomb to end the bout. It's a surprise to anyone that he even managed to kick out at two of the final Blade Bomb to end the match. However, Tyson's face instantly becomes emotionless because the first thing he heard after snapping out of unconsciousness was The Blade being announced as the victor. Meanwhile, the Iron Man Champion is stood on the second rope while holding his retained title high in the air. The fans are very much behind, TWF's resident superhero and are very happy to see him emerge the winner of this bout.

    Suddenly, Blade's smile turns to a look of wonder. He sharply looks backwards to see what is behind him. Blade sees Tyson sat in the corner of the ring against the turnbuckle looking defeated and exhausted. The reigning Iron Man Champion quickly jumps down from the second rope and slowly walks over to his SummerSlam opponent. It's obvious that The Blade isn't going over to gloat or taunt Tyson about the victory, it seems like he is going over to thank his opponent for giving him a great challenge for the Iron Man title. The two exchange a few words which are inaudible to the camera, until eventually The Blade kneels down and extends his arm out to Tyson to help him up. Tyson looks at Blade's hand and then makes eye contact with him.

    Instantaneously, the crowd begins to chant "shake his hand", as Tyson sat in the corner of the ring looks around him at all the fans chanting and screaming and then back at The Blade. He stares at him for a while, before quickly rolling under the bottom rope and leaving the ring. The crowd boos Tyson, as he left his Blade Brother in the middle of the ring without shaking his hand. Tyson storms up the ramp while unwrapping the tape his has on his wrist. He makes it to the stage and takes one last look at The Blade with disgust, he throws his wrist tape off the side of the stage and walks to the backstage area, leaving The Blade in the ring on his own.

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