After Brock jobs to big nose, who next for him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. What feud should Brock be placed in after his feud with the shovel has ended? So far he has feuded with Cena and lost, HHH and won, and then HHH again and will lose. Does this harm his momentum or can WWE keep him strong by bigging him up constantly as a machine/freak?
  2. Ryback or Punk . Sadly he will lose again.
  3. Brock looks very strong and a threat regardless he wins or loses. Cena would be a good example.

    Orton or Punk would be a good choice. BTW, is this for right after Wrestlemania or general?
  4. General. It'd be hard for him to look a threat or be thought of as a heel after losing to HHH the previous day in my opinion. I don't think he'd return for a few months and that's probably a good thing.
  5. Losing to HHH will definitely hurt his momentum, no question about it, I think they will keep him off TV for a few months after WM, he will return prior to SummerSlam to feud with Punk.

    Feuding with Orton? I don't know why they are even considering this feud, I just don't see anything special about it, plus, Orton will likely turn Heel after WM which means he won't be crossing paths with Brock, unless WWE go for a Heel Orton VS Face Lesnar, which is an awful idea.
  6. I don't think it'll hurt his momentum. He'll still be booked to come close to destroying Triple H in the cell or whatever and will thus look strong even ending up on the losing end of the match. And just as a reminder, Brock was gonna lose anyway. If he had ended up in a match with Undertaker like everyone wanted, he would have lost. If he ended up in a match with Ryback (some said he'd be a great guy to help put Ryback over), he would have lost. Losing to Triple H might annoy many because of HHH just having to get his win back, but it won't hurt his future drawing power at all. People said the same about the surprising Cena loss, but then Summerslam went on to do an impressive buy rate. And Triple H's probable win at Mania doesn't change the fact that he tapped cleanly at Summerslam.

    He's supposed to feud with CM Punk later in the year. That could be a tricky feud to book since I don't think either guy should lose. Brock should win his next match/feud (perhaps his next two, don't want to make it look like he's just here to do jobs), but so should Punk. Him taking time off after Wrestlemania (assumption) after a string of losses only to come back to another loss doesn't sound too good either. Maybe they can book around it by having their first meeting a normal match that escalates into an all-out brawl that ends in a no contest. Their next match is a last man standing match, that ends when they're both down and then one of them just barely manages to get up before the last count. This is a better way to job either guy since it comes down to a close call and neither guy eats a pinfall or taps out.

    Let's not forget that Brock is losing to The Rock at Wrestlemania 30. I personally think between now after WM29 and then, he shouldn't take a pinfall of submission loss.
  7. I'd have him go against CM Punk next, by having Paul Haymen betraying him thus leading to a Brock vs Punk match.

    Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Haymen vs CM Punk for SummerSlam.
  8. In a dream world it would be Daniel Bryan, as that IMO is just about as good a fued as you could come up with the current guys. But being realistic? Gonna be either Punk, Orton or Sheamus and in all honesty I don't fancy any of those. Two wildcards for me could be Ryback, although the match would suck, or ,one that I would love, ADR. The match would be unbelievably good, but the fued doesn't really suit ADR's current laid back character which is pretty over atm.
  9. Ryder :woo:

    Honestly that's what interests me, i dont think he will spend the year losing, he will have a bounce back feud, but who against? Probably watching ADR lose to him after DZ cashes in would be my bet.
  10. If they mentioned ADRs experience it could be dope.
  11. He'll squash a bunch of people on the current roster before jobbing to some retiree at WM30, then WWE will spend the summer wondering why nobody's watching
  12. I'd like to see him against stiff Sheamus..

    That'll learn Fella a lesson.
  13. Where is the logic in these posts? Losing to one the kayfab at least greatest ever after a beating him before harms his momentum? He's not losing to Santino here guys.

    This I'd like to see Sheamus or Bryan stiffing it up with Brock would be interesting.
  14. No one said it is Santino. If he were to return immediately after WM and start a new story for example, who would believe he's a threat (let's say to the company) after coming off a loss? I'd much rather wait and have a "Omg it's Brock Lesnar" reaction instead of a "Oh it's Lesnar, the guy who lost last night at Wrestlemania". That's just me though. I'd much prefer that shock value return when the feud has passed and something new can start, instead of having something like that in the back of my mind.
  15. I'd say him being Brock Lesnar gives him instant momentum tbh, say Brock lays out Punk on the night after Mania do you think "Oh that guy who lost last night just laid out that other guy who lost last night :facepalm1: " or "Punk vs Brock :yes: :yes: :gusta: :fap: " ?
  16. That would be horribly random. Lol

    >loses to HHH
    >attacks Punk
  17. Bork Laser Turn Face!? :dafuq:
  18. Whilst it would be does he seem to have momentum?

    Punk would if anything in this scenario but it was an example to showcase a point brother :hogan:
  19. Just because he's losing, he's not jobbing... it's not like he loses every match (although if he does lose this match he will have lost his 2 matches since return) but that's another matter.

    Probably Punk.
  20. The shield?
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