Kayfabe After Chris Young vs. Victor Sokolov (Continued)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Sanic, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. Alex: Hello WWEF Universe, Alex Price once again. I'm looking to get a word with a man who has just been attacked only a few minutes earlier by Rhys Haze.... there's only one person I'm talking about, Victor Sokolov!

    *The crowd erupt into boos, but some cheer for the mention of Rhys Haze. Alex knocks on Victor's locker room door and it opens with only a knock. Victor is nowhere to be seen, the locker room is trashed. Paint is over the walls, benches are tipped upside down and lockers have been pushed over.*

    Alex: Victor? Mr. Sokolov I would love a word with you regarding the events that have gone on tonigh...

    *The room blacks out and after a few seconds a scream can be heard from the locker room, the lights turn back on and Alex Price is on the floor knocked out. The camera moves over to the right showing Victor Sokolov with a log from a tree in his hand. He stares down at the unconscious Alex and opens the door and pushes him out into the corridor. Some staff immediately rush over to help the fallen backstage interviewer, and Victor closes the door and begins to talk.*

    Victor: The devil has no friends.... he has no allies. I am the same, I am the devil! No friends.... I can do what I want. Precision is my playground now, I control what goes on and no one can stop me. Not Rhys Haze... not The Monarchy... Nobody. Next Week, Precision will be treated to a world... my world, and how I run it.

    *The camera is pushed away by Victor and as it is on the ground, it shows Victor hitting the cameraman with a 'Hellblade.' He opens the door again and chucks the cameraman out where Alex was and shuts the door. He stomps on the cancer to end the segment.*



    Sorry, if I went a bit over the top. I just want to make Victor a full on psychopath.

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