Kayfabe After Chris Young VS Victor Sokolov

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  1. The footage from the end of the match(Credit to @TheKingSonic)
    After Victor has defeated Chris young in a clash of endurance he falls to his knees to catch some of his breath back and recover. Within a couple of seconds, the arena goes pitch black. A video appears on the titantron which lights up the arena once again as the Last Heroes' theme music hits. Victor finds the energy to get back up and watch the video while shouting his violent thoughts out which is slightly picked up by the mics around ringside. Victor taunts the Heroes by slicing his neck with his hand showing his hatred for the team. Without any notice the video on the big screen cuts out abruptly, and somebody is seen standing in the ring now... Its Rhys Haze! Previously Rhys tried to attack Victor before this same match with no success. Without hesitation Rhys delivers a dropkick to the back of Victor, finally dealing some damage to the devil. As the downed demon tries to pull himself back up using the ropes Rhys shoots him with his finger gun, a cocky taunt. Just as Victor turns around for a counter attack a running super kick cracks his skull and forces him back down onto the mat. Before Victor gets any time to recover Rhys is already grabbing him by the head and pulling him back up for more beatings. Rhys gets in another one of his signature finger pistol taunts before pulling the demon into his finishing butterfly DDT. Rhys finally plants Victor and gains some revenge for his brother Will. Being proud of himself he takes a spinning look around the arena with his arms out showing his power over Victor.

    Fuelled by the rage from Losing in his tag team match for the gold with Sharpe and his fiasco with Victor tonight, Rhys shows no remorse for his beat down on the demon sent from hell. Breathing heavily and in a still position, Rhys tries to show this rivalry is more than a scuffle and has turned personal as he stares down into the face of a Hellspawn.

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