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Adam Brooks: Welcome to the Wrestling World Podcast, my name is Adam Brooks and today we will be talking about the recent announcement towards the newly unified title that was crowned earlier today, my guest tonight to talk about this is the "Golden Opportunity" Winner, Yuri Black. Black, how are you feeling after this late announcement?

Yuri Black: How I feel Brooks? I feel robbed, I feel embarrassed. The fact that this was called an "Golden Opportunity" match makes me laugh now. You can't tell three superstars that this match is going to be a big step in your career and will take you one step closer to the big title only to then find out you still have one more obstacle. Now don't get me wrong I put 100% in every match I have since I started my wrestling days, but to be told this is a number one contenders match makes you put than 100% involved as it's a big fight. I myself and the other two gave it our all and in my opinion was match of the night, we made it look like our life depended on it. When I picked up the win I felt happy and so did these fans, then Trent took it away.

Adam Brooks: Do you not think Trent was trying to do this to make you three give it all you have just to boost the rating and gave a great match?

Yuri Black: Well it seems like it but it makes no sense, he might as well just say every match is the number one contenders match to get people to fight as hard as they can. Look, I can't be that mad as if it wasn't for Trent I wouldn't have been in that match, it's the bit where he lied and got the crowd going. You're going to see fans be so disappointed, but then again a lot of people like Spencer Hyde.

Adam Brooks: Talking about Spencer Hyde, you're up against him on the next Precision card which is definitely a number one contenders match, how do you feel this is going to go?

Yuri Black: I feel we both are still going to be knocked up from tonight as we both went through a lot of pain. The only advantage he has on me is he has once been a champion, he knows what it is like to be a champ, I don't. This match is going to be a great one, the one thing that is on my mind is that if I pick up the win, he has wasted his title.

Adam Brooks: That's right, if you guys haven't caught up, earlier tonight Spencer Hyde lets say "Cashed in" his Survival Championship to face the Golden Opportunity winner Yuri Black to determine the real number one contender for the Precision World Heavyweight Championship.

One question Black, even if you lose this match, Trent did state there is still a opportunity for you, do you have any idea what that is?

Yuri Black: Something I'm not interested in at the moment, I don't want to think about something I'm not going to get as I'm making sure I win this match. Spencer Hyde be prepared because "Black is Back"

*Yuri Black walks off the set and the camera fades black*

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