After Earth

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  1. I made fun of one of my friends who showed interest in this film when we saw an ad during the NBA playoffs. Critics seem to agree with me, though they had to suffer through the movie to draw the same conclusion that was obvious to me after seeing one trailer: this film blows.,0,463408.story
  2. I'm way too much of a Smith mark to care about reviews. I am still excited to see this film.

  3. Did I ruin it for you yet?

    One review you may like:

  4. They're all wrong. Will Smith > Them
  5. I would only go see this for Will Smith. Jaden Smith annoys me.
  6. His swag though :sad:

    lol'd at tags in this thread
  7. Critics are just mad because Will Smith banged their wives without breaking a sweat. I might watch the movie.
  8. Am I the only one who really doesn't care for Will Smith? He was funny in Fresh Prince, but that's really about it. Then again, I'm not huge on movies, so meh.
  9. I'm with you. Other than Bad Boys, ID4, and MiB 1, I haven't really enjoyed anything else he's done.
  10. Dude ain't all that. I agree Fresh Prince was dope but I'm not big on him as a hollywood actor.
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