After further review: Joe Rogan thinks Diaz should have won

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. He scored rounds 1,2,& 5 for Diaz, like most of us had.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like we'll get a rematch.

    GSP says he is willing to drop his belt to fight Diaz. So I think Condit will soon be announced as the undisputed champion, and GSP/Diaz will be booked for late 2012. No idea who gets the shot at Condit, but I hope it's Koshcheck. It's Kosh's one chance to be champ, since he will never beat GSP.
  2. Big fan of Kosch. Good news though, I want to see GSP vs Diaz. The way Diaz lost just makes me a bigger fan, his post-match interview was fantastic.
  3. My speculation was wrong.

    Condit/Diaz II is going down. At first Condit's camp was saying he would rather wait out GSP's return, but apparently Dana threw enough dollars his way. Hopefully Diaz will take him down and sub his ass this time, and then we'll get the Diaz/GSP match most people want.
  4. Hopefully they get some judges who actually have a clue what they're doing in the rematch.
  5. Do you know when it will happen?
  6. I wouldn't count on it. Hopefully Diaz's camp puts together a better gameplan, in particular trying to take the fight to the ground where Diaz is FAR superior

    I would guess sometime this summer. June/July would sound about right, and would leave them enough time to put in a training camp for GSP towards the end of 2012 or early '13

    Cesar Gracie denies that the rematch is on... sigh..

    this feels like a Soap Opera
  8. Oh god, this is getting pathetic now. I wouldn't want to be a champion when everyone thinks Diaz won. Well, lots of people.
  9. If GSP is willing to drop his belt that must be a strong enough indicator of who he feels the true contender is.
  10. I'm hearing rumors now that Diaz tested positive for weed after the fight...

    ..maybe that's why he plans on taking time off.. he already knew the suspension was coming down.

    Still just a rumor at this point, but Nick is a known stoner
  11. This how more twists and turns then Raw.
  12. Lol'd.

    He's a stoner but still kicks ass, I love Diaz.

    welp.... hopefully Roy Nelson was on an animal tranquilizer or something (would explain how he took all that fucking punishment) but I think Diaz is about to get popped for weed again.

    Probably about a 6 month suspension.. hopefully the asshole known as Dana White doesn't get a big dick about the situation and cut him

    sigh. You'd think he'd be used to beating the drug tests.
  15. Oh damn that sucks hard. If anything Weed makes him worse, don't punish him!
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