Kayfabe After Hell In A Cell

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  1. Antonio hits a round house kick and flops into the pin the ref gets down and starts to count, 1 2
    Chris gets back to his feet and Antonio quickly scoops him up and performs another roundhouse kick, the ref gets down and begins to count 1 2 3, Antonio seems to be hurt and doesn't not stand up
    He has done after 60 minutes he has finally beaten his nemesis. What a match
    Chris stands up and pushes Antonio off of him and stands up both men have lost alot of blood and both men have been thrown around the cell like rag dolls. Antonio is still down and Chris is up bit slightly off balance. The hell raises and the crowd cheer after the epic match. The ref checks on Antonio and he begins to stand Chris is on the ramp looking upset about loosing the match. Antonio gets out of the ring but falls straight back over as Chris still looks concerned as he walks over but then walks out limping. Referees and doctors start to check on Antonio and seem very concerned about his well being
    This is a very serious situation ladies and gentlemen this man has been through a very brutal match, doctors and referees are checking on him
    I'm fine, I'm fine.
    We need some more help out here please!
    A stretcher makes it way to ringside and Antonio is strapped into the stretcher and loaded into an ambulance and driven out the arena
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    @ChrisPBacon69 also I will not be wrestling till the October ppv, however will start promoing after September ppv

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