Kayfabe After Jack Rogue vs Buster Gates

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  1. *As Jack Rogue vs Buster Gates draws to a close on Saturday Night Precision, Gates stands over Rogue as the fan favourite struggles towards the ropes. Buster, with an arrogant grin on his face, positions himself behind Jack, poising himself to strike*

    Patrick Young: Buster Gates may be looking to end this - Jack Rogue's future does not look bright!

    *As Rogue, with help from the ring ropes, gets staggeringly to his feet, Buster lunges for Jack, and tightly cradles his neck. He pauses, seemingly with his opponent helpless in his grasp, to wiggle his hips, then shouts into the audience*

    Buster: Easy!

    *Gates sits out with swift and brutal force, powerfully driving the medulla of Rogue into his shoulder. Buster kneels up and moves as if to cover the seemingly incapacitated Jack Rogue, then pauses and stands back up. He grasps Jack's angle and swings his limp body towards the centre of the ring. Looking once more into the booing crowd with his cocky smile, Buster lifts Rogue's legs over his shoulders, lifts him into the air, and plants him on his back with a powerbomb*

    *Slowly clapping his hands together, Buster once more makes no movement towards an attempted pinfall, even as the referee drops into position to count. Gates takes several seconds to look thoughtfully around him at the Precision fans, before climbing through the ropes out of the ring towards the announcer table. He slowly walks over towards the timekeeper's area, and the ring announcer moves off to the side as Buster picks up the steel chair on which she had been sitting. He folds it shut with an emphatic, metallic sound, and laughs as the continual boos escalate throughout the arena*

    *The ever resilient Jack Rogue has by now come to, and is once more clawing for the ring ropes to help him to his feet. Gates pauses to watch, and visibly chuckles as Rogue attempts to stand but is unable to balance and collapses to his knees. Jack is oblivious as Buster slides under the bottom rope and holds the chair across his chest, ready to beat the fan favourite with it as the booing climaxes. The referee shouts at Buster, frantically attempting to dissuade him from his plan, but it is to no avail as Gates strikes Jack with the front edge of the chair to the small of his back*

    *The official waves off the match and the bell rings as Buster brings the front surface of the chair down onto the back of Rogue, who screams in agony. Gates stands the now crooked chair in the centre of the ring, thumping the seat to secure it in place, and drags the weakly struggling Rogue in front of it. Buster smiles once more, as he throws both of Jack's legs onto his shoulders and hits a second lifting powerbomb, through the unfolded steel, twisting the chair and causing Rogue to writhe and spasm in agony*

    *Buster chortles to himself a final time, then rolls out of the ring on the far side to thunderous boos and walks slowly backwards up the ramp, admiring his handiwork. The booing escalates yet further as the music hits of Rogue's recent rival, former friend Andersen Vega*

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  2. Andersen Vega, the most liked professional wrestler in both TWF and now WWEF history (Sarcasm), walks slowly from behind the LED board and onto the stage to a thunderous chorus of extreme dislike by the peasants of Fort Worth, Texas. He has a huge smile on his face and is holding his Iron Man Championship while walking down the ramp. He approaches Precision's Undisputed World Champion and Co-Owner, Buster Gates, and nods in impress while tapping Buster on the shoulder as he passes, also muttering something that the camera didn't pick up. Buster also has a smile on his face as he looks at his handy work, being the beaten down and damn near unconscious Jack Rogue, before turning around and heading backstage. Vega on the other hand is not heading backstage, no. He is walking ever so arrogantly and slowly down to the ring, knowing full well that given Jack's condition right now, he has all the time in the world. Vega takes his time as he walks up the ring steps and walks along the apron. As he stands on the centre of the apron, he opens his arms out wide and soaks in all the attention he's getting from this hate filled audience, and keeps that pose for a good 5 seconds before walking back towards the ring post and climbing the turnbuckle and again, taking in the attention. He drops into the ring and looks back down at a now conscious and moving Jack Rogue, who is obviously in no condition to defend himself.

    Vega has a clear and bright smile on his face as Jack turns onto his stomach and tries to drag himself to his feet. And ever so slowly, the ever resilient fan favourite does, but as he gets up, he takes a disrespectful boot to the face from Precision's Iron Man Champion, which sends him back down to the canvas. Vega, with all the power in the world right now, starts to gloat to the audience as their hatred towards him grows. Jack, not one to quit, tries to pick himself back up again, but this time is met with an even more disrespectful slap across the face, but this time Vega doesn't let Jack fall to the canvas. Instead, he grabs Jack by the head and sets him up for a Pedigree. Putting Jack's head between his legs (Not in that way) and hooks his arms. Jack body his limp and he doesn't have the strength to fight back, and Vega knows this, taking his time and shouting the words...

    Vega: Too easy!

    Before dropping Jack face first onto the canvas for the second week in a row. Vega remains on his knees, looking down at a lifeless Jack Rogue with a sarcastic look of sorrow as Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits and the show cuts to a commercial.

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