Kayfabe After Luis Alvarado vs Des Pierson

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  1. *Luis Alvarado is splayed out on the mat after defeating Des Pierson, he starts stirring from his drunken stupor as the Announcer begins speaking*
    Announcer: Here is your new I-
    *Des Pierson snatches the microphone from the Announcers hand, Des stares a hole through Luis. He brings the mic to his mouth.*
    Des Pierson: Shit.
    *He drops the mic and leaves the ring*
    Luis Alvarado:Uh. . .
    *The referee brings the title over to Luis Alvarado and helps him to his feet*
    Luis Alvarado: Did I win?
    Referee: Yes you did.
    Luis Alvarado: What did I win?
    Referee: The title.
    Luis Alvarado: The IC title?
    Referee: No.
    *The ref hands Luis the title and as Luis looks at it he reads the name of the title as the Announcer announces it.*
    Announcer: And the new Iron Man Champion
    Luis Alvarado: Iron Man Champion.
    *Luis looks up from the title and rolls out of the ring, he sees Thomas Drago waiting for him with an interview*
    Thomas Drago: So you won the Iron man Championship how do you feel?
    *Luis Alvarado looks at the title then looks back at Thomas Drago*
    Luis Alvarado: Mierda
    *Luis walks up the ramp and goes backstage leaving Thomas Drago a bit flabbergasted*
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