Kayfabe After Luis Alvarado vs. The Amazing H

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    *Luis quickly slips from the ring after defeating The Amazing H, making his way over to Vanessa York, who was sitting in the timekeeper's area during his match. He wraps his arm around her and goes for a celebration kiss, but she pushes him away and heads leaves the area, heading backstage. Luis then quickly grabs his Intercontinental Championship and follows in pursuit as H is recovering in the ring.
    H makes his way out of the ring, looking out at the crowd as he backs up the ramp with a look of disappointment on his face. The crowd cheers him though, however the cheers quickly turn to boos as H turns around into a big forearm to the face from Des Pierson, knocking him off his feet and down hard onto the ramp. H quickly grabs at his face as he lays there, but it isn't long before Des picks him up by his hair and smashes him face-first into the barricade. As H then turns around holding his face, he is shoulder-thrusted into the barricade, causing him to reach for his lower back in pain. He collapses to one knee still holding his back as Des takes a few steps back, the crowd beginning to grow loud with "No!" chants, but to no avail. Des sprints at H, then driving his boot into the side of H's face with the Skull Piersing (Drive-By), knocking the painted competitor nearly out cold. Des then stands over H's being, shouting at him-"

    Des Pierson: How's my leg?!
    *He slaps the leg he used to kick in H's skull*
    Des Pierson: How about your head, huh?!
    *The crowd continues to boo as security and referees rush out onto the scene, attempting to back Des away from the Amazing H. After seemingly cooperating, Des charges back at H, throwing him up onto his shoulders*
    Des Pierson: What about now?
    *Des drops H onto his feet, then nailing him in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick, a maneuver that he calls the Sudden Edge. H then collapses onto the ramp, this time knocked unconscious with that blow. Other competitors then rush down the ramp, pushing Des away from H and forcing him into the ring as doctor's tend to H's wounds. Terra, who has now entered the ring, can be seen trying to talk Des down as doctor's continue to examine the Amazing H. At this point, the scene changes to the commentators to talk about what has just occurred*

    Honorable Mentions: @SupaHeeroh @Hybrid

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