Kayfabe After Money In The Bank

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  1. *Chris walks backstage looking angry as the cameraman walks up to him with an interviewer*
    How do you feel that you lost to Antonio and that he couldn't stand after the match?
    *Chris stops in his tracks and turns around slowly with a fire in his eyes*
    There's nothing to say at this point, I lost and that's it.
    Do you think this is the start of your downfall?
    *Chris turns to walk away and then spins back to the cameraman and almost takes his head off with a discus clothesline*
    You've got no right to say anything because trust me I will and can hurt anyone that I want to so you want to dare say anything again and next time I won't be so kind. All you people think you can just walk up to anyone whenever you want and ask us questions and make false accusations well hopefully that will teach you. Antonio couldn't stand after our match I don't just go out to win I go out to destroy my opponent and that's what I did so you want to start asking if I'm going downhill then the answer is no I'm not because trust me this is only the beginning...
    *Chris walks away from the broken interviewer as doctors start to crowd around and help him up and the segment ends*
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