After Punk, what's next for Ryback?

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  1. So Ryback has been escalated right up to the top and is now in a feud with Punk where Punk is pissing his pants even thinking of the man. Somehow this feud will end, either with Punk somehow defeating him a few times again and Ryback just backing the fuck off because lolwwelogic or Ryback winning the world title. Either way, I'm having a hard time thinking what's for Ryback next.

    So, I have three questions:

    Who will win the feud and claim the world title? Punk or Ryback?

    What will happen to Ryback if Punk wins the feud and keeps the world title?

    What will happen to Ryback if he wins the feud and takes the world title?

    In my opinion, the feud will end briefly at whatever the PPV is before the Rumble with Punk fluking a win. Then, Ryback will win the Rumble and face Punk at WM and win.

    As you can see, I'm not really creative. So, feel free to say how awfully uncreative I am and share your opinions on the matter of Rybacks future!
  2. You're forgetting the Rock. I think Ryback will win at Survivor Series (be the last survivor, whatever). I don't think they want to book Ryback vs Punk at TLC since they had to do that referee ending just to protect both, they may even put Foley there (even though I don't agree with that). Ryback is not winning the title, Punk will continue to hold the belt and drop it to Rock at the Rumble. As far as Ryback goes, I hope either Mark Henry or Big Show put him over. Wanted Ryback to be the first man to kick out of the WMD but I don't think that's possible anymore.
  3. Ryback can still be the first person to kick out of the WMD and win a match though.
  4. Yeah, that'd be good enough.
  5. My theory still works if Punk beats Rocky tbh, which I see happening.

    However, I do like the sound of Ryback kicking out of the WMD and pinning show to win the world title. Adds another fella to the SD title picture.
  6. Yeah, and a veteran is used to put a young guy over, people forget to do that these days and put veterans over veterans or veterans over youngsters. :haha:

    And yes, Punk beating Rock then jobbing to Ryback at WM works, but I think Rock will win. Let's see.
  7. Haha yeah, sounds like a match at a PPV not too long ago between a ginger and a giant :haha:

    I could definitely see Show helping Punk keep the title, and Ryback going on to feud with him instead of Punk.
  8. Indeed would be a nice way to transfer Ryback from one feud to another, then Ryback beats Show, good.
  9. A class in cutting promos from Heyman should be next...
  10. Pfft. If he ever gets over insanely by saying corny three liners, I don't think he'll need any real mic work ever. Infact, I think it'd ruin the character.
  11. He's actually a decent talker. His character won't let him do much talking but the short promos he does are good imo.
  12. It won't last and he's not totally over at all..a baby face can't get over by grunting..
  13. No I mean, if he ever does. And he can.

    Do you think Bautista got over for his insane mic work? What about Goldberg? Lesnar? They all got over for their intensity, which I believe Ryback could do.
  14. Have you seen Lesnar lately...his match against hhh was a bust and his promo work was all heymans work..
  15. But at the time he got over he was insanely intense. Lesnar can't work the mic, his voice seems misplaced and he can't speak anyway.
  16. Hopefully after his program with punks is next program will be the ones he sells at the front gate to fans for the wwe.... "Feed .... My.... Family...."
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  17. What does that have to do with the price of eggs? He's still over as fuck without even talking. He'd be as over right now without Heyman.

    Some people just don't need to talk. We don't know if that's the case with Ryback yet, but judging by his intensity I think he'll fit right in with the rest of the over as fuck meat heads.
  18. Settle down bro...
  19. I wasn't settled? D;
  20. Big Show probably.
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