After Raw went off the air

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Surprised they didn't mention the Cena / Savage bit.
  2. Savage. :dawg:
  3. Savage. :emoji_grinning:

    ahh, something that'll make the kids fall asleep peacefully.
  4. MORE CM punk last night. Those fans sure got their moneys worth. Savage.
  5. Laid out the Miz ffs!
  6. What Cena/Savage bit? I haven't heard anything about that.
  7. There's this fan that comes to a lot of shows dressed as Macho Man. They let him into the ring and he did all off Macho Man's turnbuckle poses, it's up on youtube.
  8. Running joke mate. :emoji_wink:)) It's a long story - ask the older guys like @[Crayo] for details. ~{>.<}~


  9. Thanks for responding, Stop. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Dat Kid -- Sorry, I didn't see your post until now, but there ya go. There were also a couple of pics of the "Savage" fan guy with Cena in the ring that were being shared on Twitter.
  10. Miz!!!

    Oh wait, Savage!!
  11. That is epic why do they always keep stuff this good off tv
  12. A fan joining them on a Randy Savage suit probably shouldn't be on TV :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. :dawg:
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