Kayfabe After Spike Cox vs Will Neilson vs Cali

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    *Spike Cox is backstage walking to his locker-room, who is quickly followed by a guy with a microphone and a camera man.*
    Guy: Spike how do you feel about your loss tonight?
    *Spike Cox slowly turns around, and grabs the guy by his throat.*
    Spike Cox: Are you stupid? Do you not realize how stupid that question is? How do you think i feel?!
    Guy: Please *Gasps for air.* im sorry.
    Spike Cox: its a lot harder too ask stupid questions when I've got my hand around your throat isn't it?
    Guy: yes *Guy falls to one knee.* plea... please.
    Spike Cox: And that weasel Will neilson got lucky this week, its just too bad I've got more important things to worry about like defending my title. *looks at his title around his waist.* But He'll get what's coming to him.
    *Spike Cox drops the guy and walks into his locker-room, as the "guy" is on the floor gasping for air. Camera fades to black.*

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