After SS, what's next for Miz?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. He's the face of the SS poster and there's numerous reports going around that WWE want him back in the main event, but how can he get there? There is no room for him at the moment. Punk/Rock/Cena are going to dominate the ME until after Wrestlemania, and he's just finished his feud with Kofi (or is going to after SS) after jobbing numerous times and losing the title. Where does he go from after SS until Wrestlemania?
  2. No idea. Probably tag team.
  3. back to jobbing I bet. Never heard those rumors about him being the main event, would be nice though. I don't think being on the poster of SS will mean a push will happen.
  4. He could be competing for the World Heavyweight Title, not the WWE Title. If Sheamus wins the belt back (I'm certain he will at this point), The Miz could be his next opponent. More jobbing for The Miz (nothing wrong with that), in other words.
  5. Please no, not Sheamus with the belt again. I'd rather see Show stay with the belt than Sheamus getting it again!
  6. Miz is much better when he's winning brah.
  7. Maybe a veteran could put him over.
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