After the exaggerated "crisis"...

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  1. How do you currently feel about TNA? List the good and the bad.

    By "crisis", I mean the stage where TNA were releasing people and the TNA haters were fapping at the idea of TNA going out of business (sorry Gohan, buildness!). Not to much surprise, TNA aren't out of business.

    Let's discuss.
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  2. I love the way things are right now. Rampage and Tito seem to be gone and I'm diggin the storylines (minus Dixie).
  3. Obviously not the best time right now for TNA, but I think it'll improve over the course of next year. They seem to be repacking the roster and trying to get their shit together. I right now, would not like to put any input into Impact Wrestling until they are 100% done with the roster repackage.
  4. I wont decide until the BFG fallout really starts. Aces and 8s, MEM, and Dixie/AJ feuds/finally ending will open up a lot of opportunity for time on the show. Mostly right now i'm just interested in who wins the X-division match at bfg, as the rest is pretty much already set in stone.
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  5. Well, many of the pains in the assess seem to be vanished or crumbling in storylines.


    - Hulk Hogan seems to be gone. Brooke Hogan is officialy gone since August.

    - Former MMA stars Rampage Jackson (who I don't hate at all btw, I think he's done a good job) and Tito Ortiz are gone for at least a couple of months.

    - Chavo Guerrero is barely on TV (and even Hernandez).

    - Aces & 8s have come down to Bully Ray, Brooke Tessmacher, Knux & Bischoff (Wes Brisco and Ken Anderson seem to be in contract negotiations and were written off TV respectively).

    - RVD is gone for 7 months now and is being boring the WWE.

    - New guys are being pushed and gain a good amount of TV lately: Magnus, Ethan Carter, Gunner, TJ Perkins (Manik), Chris Sabin, Lei'd Tappa.

    - E.G.O. is probably the best stable alive, as you can.... no MUST see via this link:
    - The once good concept with lots of potential, called Gutcheck, is now gone, since they screwed it up completely with releasing half the Gutcheck winners.

    - Dixie Carter went from being an awful babyface to being an awesome, seeming to be mentally ill and manipulating heel

    - Chris Sabin is an awesome heel

    - The X Division is being pushed and featured again, as it looks to be more of a mid-caard title right now, with Hardy, Aries, Joe and Sabin all being in it and gunning for the strap (at least for the time being)

    - Austin Aries defeated Jeff Hardy clean, in a singles match, with the Super Brainbuster (OK, this was a cheap tactic to promote the greatest thing TNA has done since Aries won the World Title)

    - Zema Ion will be back soon, as he is healthy again :emoji_slight_smile:

    - Next TV tapings are in more familiar towns (Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Philly), not some shitholes like Duluth, Tulsa, Corpus Christi, Peoria etc.


    - The hype for the big PPV still seems to be lacking every time, as they really hype the PPV only 2, 3 weeks before the show itself, which is awkward considering how much time they now have in-between the PPVs

    - Poor use of certain guys like Kenny King, Jay Bradley, Sam Shaw, Rockstar Spud and even Rob Terry. Many of them are in OVW, yes, but IMO are more than worthy a spot on the main roster (yeah, even Terry with a right gimmick)

    - a "meh" relationship with OVW, as nothing seems to be a sure thing between the two companies

    - Joseph Park is STILL Joseph Park; for fucks sake reveal already that he's Abyss or die in hell

    - lack of focus on the Tag Team division. TNA has 6 tag teams, yet the usage is poor

    - Fucking ODB is the KO Champion -.-

    - Announcers suck ass as we all know. Tenay and Taz are horrible, JB is "obvious", and Hemme is tolerable because tits

    - TNA still goes on the road to shitty towns (Tulsa, Peoria, Duluth etc.). FUCK THAT PLACES
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  6. I think it's improving. They're repackaging their stuff now that A&8s is going under, so I'm sure everything will get better right after BFG (although as Test said I've been finding weird that they have sooo much time between PPVs but the hype is in the last two-three weeks).
  7. Love the thread title. Just shows you the nature of the IWC. Have the problems that were "killing TNA" really gone away? (Besides the MMA fighters and hopefully Hogan being gone) Things aren't much better business-wise but never were as bad as stupid people said. A friend put it best on FB when someone was running down the problems in TNA for the 856,394th time, and all he had to say was "When was the last time Impact was bad?"

    As you know, Bischoff recently became head of Creative. The show he inherited, storyline-wise, was a total mess. The guy they were building up as the top face of TNA was getting no crowd reaction after a gimmick change, the MMA fighters were getting way too much spotlight, the Aces of Eights were... yeah, and the BFG Series was a total afterthought. So Bischoff, with little time before BFG, had to fix all these problems. He immediately created EGO to reinvigorate the BFG Series before giving the Mafia someone interesting to feud with, broke Bully away from the Aces by turning Tessmacher, turned Kurt Angle's stupidity into a double-positive (An excuse to turn AJ face and a hyping his big return at BFG)... Great job to Bisch and the creative team. Kudos.

    The only question was the BFG build, but as crazy as it sounds, I'll give them a pass. (inb4mark) There's no way they could have stuck to their plans with all of the stuff going on. They had to get away from several of the original plans because they weren't working, and couldn't build to so many matches with so many contracts in doubt. Like surely they were wanting to build to Taryn/Mickie but so much for that.

    Have a few complaints about the current product, but the only real crippling one to address is that the roster is really depleted. The X-Division's fine if they can keep bringing in dudes for 1 appearance, the tag-team scene is non-existant, there's virtually no women left, there's not that many guys you can throw in the main-event picture and you can't shuffle guys in-and-out to make sure people don't get overexposed. Hell, we have 6 matches announced for BFG and unless some of the pre-show guys pull double duty there's really nobody left that's been built up enough to throw on the Bound for Glory card... maybe Anderson vs Knux? Ethan Carter 3 and Sam Shaw?

    Outside of that, what's really to hate?
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  8. Agreed with everything but heel sabin and considering him to be a new guy. The abyss shit is so spot on, i cant stand seeing his bullshit get dragged out even longer now (even if i love EY, which i do)
  9. Seems like they are reshuffling the deck, which is fine, it needed to happen. So for the time being, we need to wait and see where they take it. I'm going to go into BFG hoping for the best and try to get back into the product.
  10. They definitely aren't going under, like some idiots like to think and fap to the thought of it, but they are struggling though. Road shows are expensive as hell (we're talkin 600, 700k per one taping), it's hard to get that money back into TNA when the attendance numbers are not good. 2000 is not enough. Not even is 3000. But then again, it's that fucking "awesome" TNA marketing deparment that consists of nothing but a bunch of incapable losers.

    We'll see where they take it next, one location or whatever. It'll be a step back, but whatever keeps the jobs of wrestlers and people safe I guess.

    TNA needs to get their priorities straight.
  11. I'm only talking about the on screen product, not the business side. Personally I'm not too into the business side, I only care if I'm being entertained.
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  12. I try not to take things on business side too, but I ran into ignorant **** haters every day, so what can I do? Gotta prove they're wrong for the 11kth time in last 11 yrs, it's my nature.

    As far as the product goes, I have not seen a bad episode of IMPACT in yrs now. Honestly. I've seen some horrible "One Night Only" shows, but that's where it stops.

    TNA entertains me for many many years now, and hopefully they'll continue to.
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