Kayfabe After the match: Jack Rogue vs Andersen Vega II

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  1. OOC: This was meant to go up a couple of days ago. Sorry :/

    *Two minutes remain of the final Iron Man Championship match between Andersen Vega and Jack Rogue on Precision, and the score stands at one fall apiece. The fan favourite Rogue is down on the canvas as the champion grabs the ropes to jump onto the apron, then climbs to the top rope. As Jack slowly begins to get to his feet, Andersen glances at the timer on the titantron, anxious to put Rogue away in time to seal his humiliation. Although the match ending as it stands, as a draw, would result in Vega retaining his title, if he is able to defeat the widely-adored Rogue it would result in the latter's contract being signed to Vega, putting his employment at the mercy of his fiendish nemesis*

    *Jack finally stands and Vega leaps into a missile dropkick, drilling Rogue between his shoulder blades and sending him swiftly and impactfully back to the mat. While Jack struggles to stand up a second time, Andersen methodically positions himself in front of his challenger. Vega then viciously kicks Rogue in the gut before quickly stepping backwards and delivering his signature leg drop to the back of the neck, driving Jack skull-first to the ground. Once again, Andersen, completely focused on his nefarious objective, circles his prey, then sets himself up just in front of Jack who climbs to his feet a third time*

    *A cocky grin crosses Vega's face as instead of looking for the Pedigree he turns sideways and blasts Rogue with his very own superkick. He drops swiftly into a tight back press cover and hauls Jack's limp leg into the air*

    : ONE! TWO! Three...

    *On the third count it is as if the air is knocked out of the crowd, as Rogue is put down 2-1 with a mere minute and thirteen seconds to score a fall. The only person in the building who doesn't appear to be surprised is Vega, who gets slowly to his feet with a victorious grin plastered across his face. Jack still will not stay down, though, and Andersen in his frustration grabs him in a facelock and jumps into the air to execute a Shiranui. Vega spreads his arms wide to gloat about his apparently sealed victory, but Rogue stands again and Andersen hurls him towards the ropes with an irish whip. Jack reverses and throws Vega onto the apron. This gives him an idea as he jumps down to the floor, his cocky grin returning as he realises he can simply wait for the timer to expire*

    *Panicked, Rogue sprints a little way into the centre of the ring before diving over the top rope after Vega. However, Andersen sidesteps and Jack crashes back-first onto the concrete floor. Slowly and smugly, Vega walks along the side of the ring, climbs up onto the apron and back into the ring. Jack gets to his feet with the help of the barricade, and, clutching at his lower back, looks up the ramp to see that just 30 seconds remain. Catching his second wind and looking to save his dignity, Rogue sprints back into the ring and hits Andersen with The Rogue, dropping him face-first. With no time to go for the superkick that so usually follows, Jack makes a frantic pin to try and salvage his contract*

    Crowd: ONE! TWO! Thr-

    *At the last second, Vega rolls up his shoulder. Rogue clutches his head in panic as he feels his livelihood slipping from his grasp, and with just nine seconds to go he picks Vega back up and struggles to ball him into a small package*

    Crowd: ONE!

    *A loud klaxon sounds throughout the arena as the time expires, and immediately the crowd launch into thunderous booing as Jack, kneeling in the centre of the ring begins to come to terms with what has happened*

    Ring Announcer
    : Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and STILL the Iron Man Champion... Andersen... Vega!

    *Andersen begins to get to his feet and suddenly guffaws with gleeful laughter. He rolls out of the ring and runs to the timekeeper's area to claim both of his prizes, his Iron Man title belt and the clipboard holding Jack Rogue's Precision contract. Vega rolls back into the ring, along with a cameraman. Rogue turns, still kneeling, to face Andersen, and speaks into the camera*

    Jack: I'm sorry. I love you all.

    *Still grinning ear to ear, Vega flips Rogue's regular contract over the clipboard to reveal an extra page, presumably adding a clause giving Andersen the power to terminate Jack's employment. Vega borrows a pen from the cameraman and signs the dotted line at the bottom, and hoists the clipboard in the air to ear-splitting boos. The image of the kneeling Rogue, head bowed, and the triumphant, newly powerful Andersen Vega is what leaves the viewer as the show fades to commercial*

    -End of segment-
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    This is going to be a fun little storyline :emoji_slight_smile:

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