Kayfabe After The Match: Jack Rogue vs Chris Parks

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    1! 2! 3! And the bell rings with the fans erupting in celebration as Jack Rogue emerges victorious in a closely fought contest against Chris Parks. Jack uses the ropes to climb to his feet and stumbles into the centre of the ring with the referee raising his hand in victory. A visible smile can be seen on Jack's face as his recent run of form on Precision continues, but that smile and the fan's constant cheering suddenly stops as Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva blasts throughout the arena.

    The audience are seemingly in a booing frenzy right now after Andersen Vega's despicable actions earlier in the evening and they, as well as Jack Rogue, await Vega's arrival. After around a minute, the experienced Jack Rogue senses a trap and goes to turn around, but is just 1 second too late as Andersen Vega, out of nowhere hits Jack in the stomach with a baseball bat, the same bat that he had used on Alice Xander earlier in the evening. This cheap shot sets the crowd off big time as Jack drops to his knees clutching his stomach in pain, while Vega is standing in front of the downed Jack Rogue with a huge smile on his face and a sense of pride in his eyes. Vega slowly lifts the bat above his head, going for the killing blow on Jack Rogue, however, Jack retaliates with a right hand to Vega's stomach just before Vega can strike. The right hand by Jack momentarily winds Vega and causes him to drop the bat, and like a bat out of hell, Jack jumps to his feet and tries to mount some offence on Vega with every ounce of energy he has left. He connects with a few rights and lefts on Vega and the fans gets behind Jack. This momentum from Jack and the fans, however, is suddenly silenced with a well-placed knee by Vega in the exact spot that he hit with the bat, sending Jack staggering back and clutching his stomach again, but this time Vega leaves him no room to breath as he tackles Jack to the ground and begins to throw rights and lefts at Jack's head from a full mount. Jack, still having his wits about him, is able to block most of the punches thrown by Vega, but Vega quickly notices this and manages to trap Jack's right arm under his knee, leaving Jack with only one arm to defend himself with. Vega continues his barrage of strikes and now that Jack's right arm is trapped, he absorbs the majority of them. Vega continues this beat down until Jack is near unconscious, when Vega gets off hit and drags Jack to his knees, grabs his head and begins to shout at Jack.

    Vega: Fight back Jack! Fight back!
    Vega, out of sheer disrespect, slaps Jack in the face before setting him up for a Pedigree. He places Jack's head in-between his legs (Not in that way) and hooks his arms. The fans are furious right now, letting Vega hear every bit of emotion that they have as Vega just smirks and drops Jack face first into the mat with a Pedigree, knocking Jack out. Vega, on his knees, looks down at Jack for a few seconds before jumping to his feet and smiles as he happily absorbs the hatred of the WWEF Universe as the show cuts to a commercial break.

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    This is the second time that I've written this promo now since I accidentally deleted it yesterday, so you'd better enjoy!
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