Kayfabe After the match: Jack Rogue vs Gabriel Lars

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Patrick Young: He tapped, he tapped, Gabriel Lars made Jack Rogue tap out to the 'Arming Lars'!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by submission, Gabriel Lars!

*Gabriel Lars music plays*

Patrick Young: What a match that was and what a win for Lars here, he's overcome all odds. Not only has he just beaten a top superstar in Precision but a former world champion!

Anthony Pederson: It's beginners luck, Jack Rogue had that match in the bag and Lars just found a way to slip in a win. We are sure to see this match happen again in the future.

*As the crowd continue to cheer for Lars he stumbles across the ring towards the time keepers area and asks for a microphone. Once given the microphone he climbs back into the ring and the music stops.*

Gabriel Lars: *breathing heavily* I first want to thank Jack for an amazing match, that's pushed me to the limit and not only entertained these people but myself also. I am looking forward to another match in the future.

Getting back to the main reason to why I have picked up this microphone. I'm not a guy to normally bitch and moan but I do have a problem I'd like to address to the Precision management backstage. As we know last week at the PPV myself and J.D Miller debuted against one another and I proved to you guys and the Precision universe I am the best there's going to be for a long time in this company. Moving onto tonight I only then spot J.D Miller getting a title opportunity for the US title. Now I'm not dragging Rogue down at all but a title opportunity would have been nice, especially when I was the one who made J.D tap out.

Beating Jack Rogue a former world champion has obviously gotten your attention now. I understand the US title is not up to my reach as of the moment, but I do see there's a Intercontinental Championship on the line tonight. Now I am sure once that match is over, there is no one in mind to face the Champion as of yet, so that's why I'm asking you to give me an opportunity at that title!

*The crowd begin to cheer once again agreeing with Lars's statement*

Gabriel Lars: If my wish is granted, to whoever has that title around their waist at the end of their match... don't get too comfortable with it.

*Gabriel Lars drops the microphone and his music hits whilst he exists the ring*

- End of segment

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