Kayfabe After The Match: Robert Blake VS JJ Colton

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  1. *Robert Blake is on his knees as Colton makes his way to the backstage. Robert is laughing on the ring as the announcer announces him as the winner. Robert is holding the Exodus World title in the right hand and holding the Precision World title in the left. Robert calls for a mic and begins to speak*

    Robert Blake: I did it! I am finally the unified World champion! I am the number one guy in both Exodus and Precision! All the years of hard work has paid off. I have done something no one has done before. All of the world champions that came before me are nothing. Tony Soccerboy couldn't do it....Danny Jacobs couldn't do it......Even Lukey couldn't do it! I am the one and only and nothing can compete with this. Colton put on a great ass fight and he will be world champion one day but not on this night. Tonight is my night and no one will ruin it!

    *Robert Blake drops the mic and begins to take it all in as the fans boo him. All of a sudden the arena lights go out. The fans do not know what's going on as Robert Blake can't be seen*
  2. *The crowd cheer as The Amazing H's music hits. He hasn't been seen for a number of weeks now. He comes out onto the stage microphone in hand.*
    The Amazing H: CHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNGGGEEE! A few weeks ago I talked about change and how it was coming! Change is here! Change is now, and Robert Blake, you're going to be the first witness to this change!
    *The Amazing H continues to walk down the ramp and enters the ring. The audience don't know how to react. H has been silent these past few weeks. Nobody knows what this "change" is.*
    The Amazing H: Robert, I know you're surprised to see me. Honestly, i'm guessing a lot of people are surprised to see me right now. But it's time! It's been a few weeks, but it's time to bring forward the change... Or should I say, bring back a change?
    James Defto: What the hell?! Is that the K.O.W theme?!
    Patrick Evans: It sure as hell is! And look!
    *The audience erupt as none other than Lukey comes out from behind the curtain wearing a classic K.O.W t-shirt. Robert Blake looks up to the top of the ramp in a confused anger. The Amazing H sneaks up behind him and hits him with a low blow, not a move that you would ever usually see H do. Robert drops down onto the mat as Lukey makes his way down to the ring. H picks up Robert and positions him for a BWS. He points over to Lukey who jumps up onto the apron before delivering the BWS. Lukey enters the ring and The Amazing H picks Robert Back up to his feet. Lukey targets his man before hitting him with a cutter. Lukey throws up the K.O.W hand signal as The Amazing H runs over to pick up the World Heavyweight Championship. He wags his finger and places the belt over Robert's unconscious body. H moves forward and joins Lukey in throwing up the K.O.W hand signal. The two men in unison shout "K.O.W!" and the audience shout back "KINGS!" The camera fades to black as their music plays once again.*

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