Kayfabe After the Match: Will Neilson vs. Cali vs. Spike Cox (2)

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    *Will Neilson is celebrating in the ring, he's just won a triple threat contest between him, Cali and Iron Man Champion, Spike Cox. Rhys and Antonio come out to celebrate with him, but a minute later, disaster strikes. Will suddenly collapses in the middle of the ring, pointing to the bottom of his chest, just above his pelvis. Rhys and Antonio are trying to wake him up, but he's out cold. Medics rush to the ring as they quickly get Will Neilson on a stretcher and start to carry him out.*

    *Chris Parks decides to run out from backstage and attempts to attack the prone Neilson. Rhys and Antonio hold him back long enough for Will to get backstage with the medics. After Will is safely backstage, Chris goes crazy. He overpowers Rhys and Antonio and throws Rhys into the nearby steel steps, he then picks up Antonio and hits an End of Days on the barricade. Chris picks up a mic and shouts...*

    Chris: Will! Next Week is our Deathmatch..... and your Deathbed. If your little 'Heroes' try to stop me, they'll just go down the same way you went down earlier this night. I advise you to beg and plead to Ryan to try and stop our match next week, because next week you won't be going out on a stretcher to the Doctor's office.... oh no no no.... you'll be going out on a stretcher to your grave! See you next week Wil....

    *Suddenly Will walks out from backstage, with Doctors and Security trying to hold him back, and picks up a microphone.*

    Will: I'll just finish that sentence for you... See you next week Chris, it'll be your last!

    *Will walks backstage again shoving doctors and security out of the way, some follow Will and some go down to ringside to check on Rhys and Antonio, the segment ends with Antonio and Rhys walking backstage with medics and security.*

    End of Segment.

    He collapsed from injuries that were caused by @ChrisPBacon69 earlier on in the night.
    He did not no sell a heart attack. xD
    Chris Parks gave him a small concussion and other internal injuries, (Which the doctor in my backstage thread would have told him if Will didn't hit him with the bed he was lying on.

    I wonder if I can have one non-confusing post.

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