Kayfabe After the MITB Ladder Match! (Geek's version)

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  1. *The video opens to a dark corridor backstage at Money In The Bank, with production containers along the walls. On the left of the background, there is a faint white glare, which is suddenly occupied by a shadow. The shadow moves towards the camera and is slowly accompanied by heavy breathing and panting, and slowly the blurred form of Jack Rogue, sweat glistening on his chest, arms and ring gear, comes into view. He pauses momentarily as he notices the cameraman, sighs, then jumps onto a production crate and sits. The cameraman moves in front of him, still stood on the floor. Jack, still breathing heavily, looking out in front of him above the camera, begins to speak*

    Jack: Close. Close, as always. I'm always close - always, but I've never, ever, quite won the big one!

    *Rogue slams his hand onto the hard metal surface of the crate he sits on. He balls his hands into fists and continues quietly*

    Jack: Tonight, I was given the chance to, in only my third match in Precision, win a contract that guarantees me, an Undisputed Championship match at a time of my choosing. And like every opportunity for greatness in my career, every Iron Man title shot, every #1 contender's match, and, now, two Money In The Bank ladder matches... I let it slip through my fingers.

    *Jack pauses and leans back, placing his palms onto his face*

    Jack: I had it in my hands. I had it in my hands, man! I was so close, one more pull, one more second, one more chance...

    *Rogue leans forward to look into the camera lens*

    Jack: One... more.... shot. That's all I need. I can feel it clicking, my hand is on the brass ring, I have it in my hand, I just... can't quite.... close my grip. Yet. But I will. The future is where my gaze has to be, and my future contains a man who earlier tonight went through one of the most hellacious matches in Precision's young history - Chris "Doomsday" Parks. He has set out to destroy his opponent physically - victory is irrelevant to him. Championships don't matter to him... his agenda is all wrong. He has no respect for his peers and opponents, he has no respect for the people who brought us this business and their legacy, and he has no respect for the reason it's still here - all of you.

    *Jack violently shakes his head and returns his gaze to where it started*

    Jack: And that is why, as hard as it may be, I have to wrench my thoughts away from tonight, and look forward to six days' time, where I face Chris Parks on Precision. And I will try my damnedest to make sure that this run of momentum I've been on doesn't come to a crashing halt tonight - that I'm able to continue it. Parks - just know that I will kick your head... clean off your shoulders.

    *Rogue jumps off the crate and limps past the cameraman out of sight as the video fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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