Kayfabe After Tyson Blade vs Jack Rogue (Tyson's last match)


First RWK Euro Champion
*Twenty minutes into Tyson Blade's final Precision match, Jack Rogue has the veteran down and is calling for the end*

Commentator: Rogue's stood square, he's looking for the superkick!

*Blade is on one knee and slowly getting to his feet. Jack stalks him while hyping the crowd then pulls back and throws the kick. Tyson ducks but in doing so turns his back to Rogue who moves slickly to grab Blade's leg to roll him up*

Referee: One! Two! Three!

*A mixed but loud reaction goes up from the crowd as Tyson kicks out a fraction too late, the ref calls for the hell and Rogue's music begins to play. Jack leans against the ropes and celebrates, fist pumping the air as he looks out across the crowd. Blade, meanwhile, sits up and is very still, his head bowed in defeat or perhaps deep thought. The official raises Rogue's hand and the crowd cheer while he grins but then, as he turns around, he sees his defeated opponent and stops. His joy starts to fade as he looks at Tyson, then he turns quickly and walks to the ropes nearest the timekeeper's area, and asks for a microphone. He is handed one and stands leaned against the turnbuckles, his eyes scanning around him contemplatively. His music fades back out and this causes Blade to look up out of surprise, then use the ropes to turn himself around and sit in the opposite corner*

Jack: I could use this time, this moment, this stage to say something about myself, to put the spotlight on me. I won tonight, so no-one would blame me. But I won't because quite simply, tonight is not my night.

*The crowd have a mixed reaction to this allusion to Tyson Blade's retirement, as to many newer viewers he has only ever been ruthless and cold*

Jack: But I will say this: thank you all for being here today, for being loud and proud and making tonight worthy to cap off the career of the longest-reigning World Champion in our history.

*Jack pauses briefly as the audience cheer unanimously, then makes clear eye contact with his opponent*

Jack: Tyson, we have had serious differences this year. You've been far from well behaved, you came here with an appetite for victory at all costs and you threw principles to the dogs. But when you've done as much as anyone for a company, when you're one of the best it has ever seen, you are allowed certain privileges without your greatness being questioned. And besides, just like I said to Andersen Vega, the cycle of hate and chips on shoulders has to stop somewhere. I don't hate you, Tyson. And as everyone should, I respect you for being the warrior that you are and that you have been.

*The crowd are split again, but now the discrepancy in favour of Blade is evident, and he gets to his feet to appreciate it*

Jack: I thank you for tonight and for everything you've done. I hope that one day I, like you, will leave this place having done more for it than I've done to damage it. But if I achieve half as much as you, I'll have a career for the ages. Ladies and gentlemen, for the final time: Tyson Blade!

*Rouge drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as Blade's music plays. Tyson nods to Jack then stands in the centre of the ring, soaking in applause. As Rogue walks up the ramp Will Neilson, Joseph and Alexander Diamond, Mike Jiminez, Chris Young, Alex Rayner and Antonio Stark pass him on the way to the ring. They are led by Trent Kingsley to the bottom of the ramp, where they roll into the ring to shake Blade's hand, while Kingsley takes the ring steps and then picks up Rogue's microphone*

Kingsley: Thank you, Jack. Ladies and gentlemen, I'll keep it short and sweet. I hereby declare Tyson Blade, the third inductee into the Precision Hall of Fame!

*The audience, and the locker room, cheer and applaud out of respect for the new Hall of Famer. The camera zooms out to show a sea of respect, as the sun sets on the great career of Tyson Blade*

-End of segment-
Long live Precision, and bring on 2K18! @Electro @Sanic

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