After Wrestlemania, what would you want the ME scene to be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. It's pretty locked in that Cena/Punk/Rock are going to be the main event from today to Wrestlemania. Punk is most likely going to keep the title until the Royal Rumble where he jobs to Rock, or he could even beat Rock when Cena interrupts and continues Rock/Cena feud, but who's going to come in after Wrestlemania?

    I'm unsure on whether Cena/Punk is going to last until the Rumble in January, I want it too if it's booked right but perhaps Cena wins the title, and Punk gets it back near the RR or Punk retains again and Cena has a temporary feud with someone else, but either way I don't see another champion or #1 contender before Wrestlemania.

    Who after then? The positives to the situation we're in is that the WWE championship has a hell of a lot of prestige at the moment, with Punk, Cena and Rock - your three main guys now - going at it and Punk's reign is over 300 days which is unheard of in modern WWE. The negatives is, no one else fits. You have main event caliber talent who definitely should have had a reign now - Bryan, Barrett etc - who have no room in the main event, but after Wrestlemania they probably will.

    Shoot some ideas at me.
  2. I'm unable to tell as of right now.
    With the rumours of Jeff Hardy going back to WWE, he could well be back after Mania.
  3. I'm guessing Sheamus/Punk
  4. Unfortunately, so am I.
  5. Ambrose
  6. Ziggler?
  7. Punk loses to Cena before the rumble because the chances of them booking the same match twice is unlikely so Rock/Cena 2 will happen at The Rumble. Rock will win whether if it's Punk or Cena. What I'm more interested in is the Elimination Chamber which we have to go through to get to mania.

    I'm calling the competitors now:
    Rock, Cena, Punk, Bryan, Show, Kofi.

    Bryan & Rock will happen sometime before that in a non-title match, but Cena will probably come out champ. This will set up Rock vs Cena 3, which will be marketed as "Cena's final shot", which he'll win. As far as Punk he'll fight Bryan at mania obviously because their last one on one match was high caliber.

    I could be wrong of course. I expect a return from John Laurinatiis, post survivor series when it's Smackdown vs Raw as it seems. With his return there's a level of uncertainty.

    Then again Punk is already amping that match up by already using the Rock Bottom twice, so who knows. :obama:
  8. For me a guy who could easily be up there if he were to turn now would be Del Rio. The guy has got a ridiculous amount of potential as a face, yet WWE continue to use him in his heel role which he is absolutely horrible in. They'll probably just 'play it safe' and shove Sheamus into the main event of Raw along with Cena, and I fully expect a heel Punk to remain there or thereabouts as well. I pray to god that Barrett and/or Ambrose are also up there. I don't think anyone on here doubts that they have the potential to make the step up to the main event, however WWE seem to be reluctant to pull the trigger.

    Oh and as much as it pains me to say, Big Show will more than likely be there.
  9. I predict Punk or Cena to win it, and most likely will have a rematch the following PPV. After that I see possibly some young talent moving up. I see Ziggler as Heavyweight Champion before Royal Rumble, and WWE will keep him as champion as they know sales will go up when he wins, so Ziggler I expect to be heavyweight champion at Mania. If Ziggler drops it at Mania, I predict him to feud with Cena. If Ziggler retains it will most likely be Sheamus if Punk wins, given their little spaft they had recently in Chicago of Punk walking out. WWE will reference that as a reason to start a feud between Punk & Sheamus. I could see WWE putting Big Show back in the title reign to job.
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