Kayfabe Aftermath Episode 1 - Thunder vs. Neilson.

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  1. *Mike Thunder delivers a huge elbow to Will Neilson, Neilson staggers back as Mike goes for a Clothsline, Will dodges it and twists Mike's arm around and gets him in the position for the Neilson Clash. He begins to lift him up, but Thunder leaps over the top and spins Neilson around into a huge Lariat! Will falls down with a huge thud, as Mike goes into the pin, the ref counts 1, 2, 3 and some of the crowd are in a shock. Mike Thunder just pinned the Undisputed Champion.*

    Announcer: Here is your winner.... MIKE THUNDAAAAAAAAAAA!

    *Thunder celebrates in the ring, Neilson rolls out and grabs a microphone.*

    Will: SHUTUP! All of you be quiet! *Mike turns around to face Will, the crowd boo.* This... isn't over yet Pikachu... you think I'm just gonna take a lose like that? You say I felt the thunder? Your about to feel true pain...

    *The familiar music of Anarchy Inc. plays over the speakers, as Tony Stark and Chris Parks emerge from the crowd. Both men hop over the barricade and all 3 members begin to surround Mike. Thunder is clearly on guard, Neilson, Stark and Parks all jump up to the apron, staring down Mike Thunder.*

    *The crowd burst into cheers as Rhys Haze's music begins to play, Will and co. shake their heads in disbelief. Mike Thunder quickly sees an opportunity to get out of the ring and run backstage. Parks attempts to grab him but misses, as Mike zooms up the ramp and back through the curtain. *

    Will: *very faintly* You two! Go to the ramp, watch out for him!

    *Chris and Tony oblige and wait at the bottom of the ramp for Rhys Haze. Will is readying himself for the arrival of his former tag team partner, when out of no where he is hit by a Kendo Stick shot to the back of the head by Rhys Haze. Haze continues to whack the Kendo Stick over the back of Neilson, but as Parks and Stark enter the ring, he drops it and goes straight to Parks hitting him with a signature Pele Kick. Chris stumbles and falls out of the ring, and struggles to get back to his feet. The crowd cheer loudly again for the arrival of Rhys Haze, the blue haired hero turns his attention to the former European Champion, and as Stark misses with a kick, Haze catches him with a Butterfly DDT, driving Tony's head right into the mat. Both lackeys are layed outside the ring, in a lot of pain. Haze picks the Kendo Stick back up, as well as the fallen Neilson. Rhys puts the Kendo Stick to the throat of Will and drops his head right into his knee, the crowd cheer loudly once again, as Will rolls around the ring holding onto his throat. Haze poses to the fans, and with that assault on the three members of Anarchy Inc finished, Rhys gets out the ring and walks back up the ramp, he holds his arm up to the fans, and leaves the arena back through the curtain.*

    - Segment End

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