Kayfabe Aftermath of Blake vs. Neilson.

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    *The bell rings to signal the end of the match, Will Neilson gets up after pinning Robert Blake. He stands there in shock as he's handed the Undisputed Championship, Will looks at it for a minute before celebrating and raising it high in the air. He gets up on the second rope and raises it up once again, the crowd cheer incredibly loudly for the new Undisputed Champion. The cell is raised and as Will Neilson is about to get out the ring...*

    *To new fans this theme song is unfamiliar to them, but for fans that have watched Precision for a while they know this is the old theme song of Tony Stark. Will backs up and is ready for a fight as Tony Stark and Chris Parks walk out, kendo sticks in their hands. Stark and Parks rush the ring and confront Neilson, they get ready to beat him down, like they did the previous week. Will grabs his title, looking to use it as a weapon against the two assailants. Will holds his hands up to stop them, and then points at the titantron. They both turn around and 5 seconds later some familiar music begins to play.*

    *Rhys Haze is back! He appears on the ramp, points at Stark and Parks and runs to the ring sliding under the ropes and under the two. Will and Rhys hi 5 each other as they both focus their attention to Chris and Tony. Rhys runs but is shockingly met by an Undisputed Championship to the face. Will looks down at Rhys and shakes his hair up a bit, after looking at Chris and Tony, he turns around and places his title in the corner. Neilson counts 3, 2, 1 on his fingers and when he gets to one Chris and Tony drop their kendo sticks and all 3 of them attack Rhys. The crowds cheers turn to loud boos as Rhys Haze is being grounded by kicks and punches. Chris picks Rhys up and places him on his shoulders, Tony runs off the ropes as Chris drops Rhys off for a flapjack, Tony hits a huge roundhouse kick. Will is in the corner laughing and clapping his hands, Will calls for Rhys to be brought to him as he gets him in the Neilson Clash and hits it. Will and co. roll Rhys out of the ring, and Neilson grabs his undisputed title and raises it up high with his two new allies by his side. The crowds loud boos echo through the arena, as the camera fades to black and the show ends.


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    Lol heel turn for days son.
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