Kayfabe Aftermath of the MITB Ladder Match

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  1. *The match is finally over, with Will Neilson victorious. He comes down the ladder, briefcase in hand and him and Rhys hug it out. Will is very emotional as Rhys raises his left arm, while the briefcase is in his right. Will and Rhys climb out of the ring and start to walk backstage, Jack Rogue gets up and sits down on top of the ladder, his face in his hands. Cali gets up and is not happy, he sits up on the apron and stares at where the briefcase used to be. The camera then cuts to backstage where Will, Rhys and Antonio are all celebrating Will's big win.*

    Will: Wow... I can't believe it guys! The Money in the Bank briefcase... a World or European title opportunity whenever I want. *Points at Rhys* You especially, without you I wouldn't be standing here with this briefcase, thanks Rhys, your an amazing friend.

    Rhys: Well done man. You won something really big. *Stares at the briefcase* ......

    Will: Rhys you okay bud? You seem a bit down?

    *Rhys swipes the briefcase away from Will and holds it for a couple of seconds before giving it back to him, Will and Antonio are confused.*

    Will: Rhys... I know how you feel man. You really wanted this, I can tell. I just don't know what to say man... if I could I'd give this to you bu...

    Rhys: Oh! But you can't can you! I'm sorry Will, but I feel I deserved to win, with all of the losses I've been getting lately, I needed something to turn my carrer around. *Rhys turns away for a few seconds before looking back at Will* Shit man... sorry for that outburst... it just really got to me.

    Will: It's fine man... if there is anyone that can turn your carrer around it's going to be me, I can promise you that!

    Rhys: This is why we're friends... thanks man and congrats on your win.

    *Will, Rhys and Antonio walk away, Rhys still seems a little bit pissed. Jack Rogue (I spelt his name right didn't I?) walks past all 3 and mutters something.*

    Jack: #RhysShould'vePushedTheLadder...

    *Oh dear.. Rhys is very pissed, he ignores what Jack said and walks into the locker room with Will and Antonio.*

    End of Segment

    OOC Mentions:
    @Solarxpixel @The Anarchist @Geek773 @AfricanScatMahn @The Briefcase

    One of my longest promos yet... hope you enjoy!
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