Aftermath/Right After Wrestling 01/09/12

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    What is AfterMath?

    Their is this show in Canada called Aftermath (Previously known as Right After Wrestling) and pretty much what they do is they have a Pro & Con for Raw and they discuss main topic on RAW.

    Here's some previews of how their show is.

    We aren't going to be doing a video though but we'll see how this works out.

    Give you're Pro's and Cons also.

    Pro: RAW overall was an entertaining show, I never got distracted as I usually do at some moments, but today on RAW I was invested into it.

    Con: The Crowd - If you watch RAW again, @[Jonathan] probably posted it, the Crowd was totally dead.

    Main Discussion : Brodus Clay Funkasaurus / Chris Jericho Pt2
  2. Nice thread again, I like these :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Pro - Chris Jericho crying on cue. He's the perfect troll, completely original gimmick, hard to do. Love the guy. Brodus Clay, at first I was sceptical, very sceptical, but I absolutely love it. The guy made me laugh hard, but is also seen as a legitimate threat. The backstage segments, finally WWE are bringing them back.

    Cons - The completely dead crowd, they should be blacklisted. Burying The Miz for the 4th consecutive week, and ruining R-Truth even more. King on commentary, worse than usual. Sheamus (all be it in a tag-team) winning again, Big Show appearing on RAW. Punk not given mic time, and match ending (which I'm sure was a botch) was completely mediocre and anti-climatic.

    Overall, 5/10.