Aftermath/Right After Wrestling 01/16/12

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    What is AfterMath?

    Their is this show in Canada called Aftermath (Previously known as Right After Wrestling) and pretty much what they do is they have a Pro & Con for Raw and they discuss main topic on RAW.

    Here's some previews of how their show is.

    We aren't going to be doing a video though but we'll see how this works out.

    Give you're Pro's and Cons also.

    Pro: Jericho trolling - Short and Effective.
    Opening and Ending segments.

    Con: Short Matches on RAW

    Main Discussion : CM Punk and Lauranitus / Zack Ryder and Cena

    Here is what Arda Ocal, Host of AfterMath's would like to see in the Royal Rumble match.
  2. Pro: Jericho's epic troll. Opening segment, especially Ziggler & Foley. Most matches meaning something tonight, good build up. Swagger as US Champion. Serious-Cena. Epic ending segment, as CM Punk was back to his best (as was Johnny Ace). Brodus Clay :emoji_heart:.

    Con: Short matches, it's a shame. Sheamus burying Miz yet again. Truth equally as bad as when he was Mr What's Up. Kelly Kelly roll up win.
  3. When was the last time K2 won without a roll up?
  4. I dunno, as @[Leojaay] rightfully said to me, "is the roll-up kelly's finisher"?

  5. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: