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Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'll be doing these threads for both RAW and SmackDown.
    Their is this show in Canada called Aftermath (Previously known as Right After Wrestling) and pretty much what they do is they have a Pro & Con for Raw and they discuss main topic on RAW.

    Here's some previews of how their show is.

    We aren't going to be doing a video though but we'll see how this works out.

    Give you're Pro's and Cons also.

    Pro: CM Punk Vs. Dolph Ziggler - You can tell that these guys have chemistry together, but by the result of the match, it looks like they're building also for a CM Punk Vs. John Lauranitus match.

    Con: The Water Bottle of Doom - As The Miz would say, Really? Really? How does a plastic water bottle even hurt? At least use something to make it look painful, like a shoe.

    Main Discussion : Chris Jericho's Return
  2. Agree with both pro's and cons. Good idea for a weekly thread definitely.

    Did you post it too early though? Main discussion Chris Jericho, but there's nothing else there lol :emoji_wink:.
  3. Well you have to just watch Raw and write what you liked and didn't like (Pro's and Con).
    It can be anything but out of the whole show you can choose a maximum of two.
    If you like Raw overall just that's you're pro and no cons.
    The highlight of the night will always be the discussion.
  4. Oh okay fair enough.

    Pro's: The match itself with Punk vs Ziggler, very good match but one thing which will be mentioned in cons. Jericho's return, absolute trolling at its best.

    Con's: Ending to Zigglers match, every one was confused whether Ziggler was champion or not. Sheamus and Truth burying Miz. Big Show being on RAW.
  5. Well Sheamus buried The Miz last week on a SmackDown also, but they are pushing him to be as what you said, the next Superman.
  6. Pro's: Kane, Jericho's return
    Con's: The shit with R-Truth and Miz
  7. Good point, forgot to mention Kane. Loved the ending last night, finally giving him more supernatural gimmick space with Kane.

    As for Sheamus being superman, he's so bad at it. I actually prefer Cena as superman than Sheamus, and Cena's been like it for 6 years.
  8. Pro's: Kane, Punk vs Ziggler match, Johnny Ace and Chris Jericho's troll.

    Cons: Burying Miz, Truth's new character, Big Show appearing, random main-event match.
  9. Every time Sheamus comes out he like tells a bed time story. Gosh!
  10. To be honest, Sheamus should drop to IC level I think. Not as a demotion, but why not use him to restore credibility into the title with Rhodes, than have him bury people no one cares about. IC matches years back were just as good as ME scenarios.
  11. I agree with the water bottle thing. I hate it.