Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Discussion Thread

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  1. Anyone else? Highly disappointed so far. Barely kept my attention and I am a Marvel fanatic!
  2. First episode was pretty slow, but I was much more impressed with episode two. They've fleshed out the characters, one or two have secrets, hopefully they can move on to more "Marvelly" things now.
  3. Yeah I think it picked up in the end of episode 2, but the next episode better be fucking great lol.

    Coulson is pretty funny sometimes though.
  4. Not to mention the Irish chick and the hacker chick are out of this world hot! That'll keep me into it for at least 10 eps :gusta:
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  5. Glad you made this. I have this ready to watch but i caught about 10 mins of the first episode (random middle, which is why i stopped when i realized what was on) and really didnt see anything i like, and all the articles i read are spoilers, which i want to avoid.

    When ep 3 comes out this week, let me know how it was, and if the show is worth watching at that point please. Thanks.
  6. I will try to remember
  7. im sure ill bump the thread when i see it is on or was just added.
  8. First episode was weak. I was looking forward to this show but this is gonna sound weird but.....I don't like how it's a TV show. I mean quality wise. Breaking Bad doesn't feel like a TV Show. It has the quality to be a movie. This feels like a cheesy ABC show and I was hoping for better. I haven't watched Episode 2 but I'll watch it...also....TAHITI.
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  9. Yeah second one wasn't much better. They make a reference to a "situation", saying the last time was a hammer (hint hint), but it turns out to be some lame alien artifact, never heard of it, completely made up for the show. I mean, you mean to tell me that in the giant fictional place that is the Marvel universe they couldn't pick some already introduced item and built the story from there? LAME

    Tahiti does get mentioned more btw lol
  10. It's a Whedon TV show. If you expect fantastic stuff in the early going you are watching the wrong fucking show. That's not Whedon's style. All Whedon's TV shows follow the same formula of a slow build and structuring of the universe it takes place in and the characters it revolves around. It was the same with Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse. All started out slow but ended up being great.
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  11. Firefly was great from the get go IMO
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  12. I haven't watched it yet; is Nick Fury in it? And is he white? "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., aka Sgt. Nick Fury & His Howling Commandoes."
    Make Mine Marvel!! " We belong..we belong.. we belong.. we belong.. to the Merry Marvel Marching Soceity.."
  13. He does make an appearance in the second episode to scold Coulson, but it's Sam Jackson reprising his role from The Avengers. I thought it was cool they could get him on the show.
  14. Just saw ep 3. Best paced episode so far, I was entertained throughout. That Skye broad seems to get hotter by the episode :gusta:
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  15. Probly watch it tomorrow. Good to hear though.
  16. Skye is hot but she is a terrible fucking actress :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. She's Good enough for me :true:
  18. Arrgh.. First S.J. as Nick Fury(sacralige), then they "PC" Superman's 'Perry White(no pun intended)' What's next ? Conan the Barbarian?
  19. I dug seeing Graviton's origin story. I remember him from the comics as a kid.
  20. Is that what episode 3 is about? I read about it, but I have not watched it yet.
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