Agree or Disagree: Japan has a better division of female wrestlers than the United States?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, May 21, 2015.

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    If you think about it, most major pro wrestling promotions in Japan gives little to no restrictions to their female wrestlers, meaning that they can either compete in non-sanctioned and extreme matches that are deemed male-only wrestling matches that most female wrestlers wouldn't handle or sell their wrestling moves more realistically in sanctioned matches, unlike most of the major American pro wrestling promotions like the modern day WWE(today). Not only that, many Japanese female wrestlers actually possess a lot of the technical wrestling skills and know how to sell their moves compared to some of their American counterparts.

    Now, it's not to say that the United States have no great female pro wrestlers. Just that they don't take them as serious as they should and seem to only treat them as a bunch of bimbos for eye candy just for casual male fans who probably only watch women's wrestling so they can get their dicks hard. Japan just happens to actually takes their female wrestlers seriously unlike most of the major pro wrestling organizations in the US. Hell, Mexico and even Canada takes their own female wrestlers a tad more seriously than the United States.

    BTW, I'm in no way attacking the WWE but just pointing out the one little flaw that they've had since the Ruthless Aggression Era(with the Diva Search and everything), despite that there are exceptions in today's WWE women's wrestling/Diva division.
  2. Agree. It's totally a solid argument.
  3. Yes and no.

    Womens wrestling in Japan isn't a "division". It is an entity in and of itself. Are the talent better workers than some of the girls in the WWE? Yes.
  4. Well, Kana and Arisa Nakajima are better than 80% of male Japanese wrestlers, so there you go. But also, Sasha Banks is better than 80% of male North American wrestlers, so there you go again.
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  5. Hard to say. WWE's style of wrestling limits what pretty much all the performers (male or female) are fully capable of doing, so who's to say that a lot of the women in the States wouldn't be just as good as most of the ones from Japan if given the chance to showcase their entire skill-set? And this isn't even mentioning the lack of complete attention and focus the Divas in WWE are given compared to how the women are generally treated in other promotions.

    Speaking of which, those hoping for a better future for the WWE Divas may be delighted to hear what Meltzer reported yesterday:

    Of course, it's nothing too surprising considering the way Triple H treats the NXT women seriously already, but still.
  6. Del Rey working with main roster divas gives me hope that there are big changes, but then there's still creative making a right old mess of the 'storylines'
  7. Good point. People have constantly complained about black pro wrestlers back in the days not being given a fair shot and the mainstream media attention that they deserve and now we have guys like The Rock and Booker T who've finally made that change. The same thing can possibly happen with female wrestlers from NXT(outside of this eye candy-type of way to get fans to watch them) if Triple H and Stephanie keep up with working with their female rosters. I just hope they don't go too overboard with trying to put female wrestlers over. The WWE once almost did that with Chyna when she attempted to break the gender barrier competing with mostly male wrestlers, trying to be the first female wrestler to be the #1 contenter for the WWE/F Championship(a male exclusive title belt).
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