AJPW NJPW Puro Agree or Disagree: Japanese Wrestling in general(NJPW, AJPW, etc.) is overall better than the WWE...

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Aztecwarrior480, Nov 20, 2015.

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    as a pro wrestling organization?

    I was just reading this interesting article about the 10 things that Japanese wrestlings does better than the WWE. 10 Things Japanese Wrestling Does Better Than WWE

    I was also watching a video of Japanese wrestling and was pretty amazed of how well they sell their wrestling moves and how many variety of move they can pull off compared to their American counterparts. The vast majority of these wrestlers(even some of the midcarders) were actually taken seriously in Japan while pro wrestling is treated like an actual sport over there. Unfortunately in the WWE, it's mainly all about big roided-up men, favoritism from the people in charge of the wrestling business(*cough cough* Vince, HHH and Steph) and mic skills that gets wrestlers to the top rather than actual skills and talent. Then again, that's America in a nutshell with their "The bigger is better" mentality.

  2. I can't say I've watched much Puro apart from NJPW, but still, yeah.
  3. Puro offers a refresh but at the end of the day, most of us are fans from watching WWE.

    On the fence, for this one.
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  4. It all comes down to opinion and taste.

    WWE does some things better than the Japanese companies. And the Japanese companies does some things better than the WWE.

    But here's something for you all to consider. Most if not all the companies in Japan that are doing well now have taken inspiration from the WWE. Mainly in their presentation of gimmicks and production/theatrics.
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  5. Has its moments as do wwe and other American companys.
  6. Every company goes through stagnant points, WWE is just more noticeable because a wider majority watch it. When a company like NJPW is good, it's really good. Same with the WWE.

    Over saturation plays into it as well, it's easy to get tired of the WWE since it's on three to four times a week.

    The point I'm trying to make is, neither are invincible. Quality wise. It just comes down to your preference, at the end of the day.
  7. Both options.

    Both have good points, both have bad points. As Stop said, each one does things better than the other.

    Also, with over saturation, it goes the same with NJPW, only so many times you can see certain people fight it out e.g the limited roster they have, especially the tag and junior divisions while with WWE, depending on what programming, they'll usually have a fresh match up that hasn't been done on the last 3 shows but due to the amount of shows they have, it's easy to get tired of it when looking at how repeated the segments can be. If you count NXT, since it's relatively new in it's format compared to the dating of WWE and NJPW, they have fresh match ups almost every week but that's mainly due to the large roster it has due to it being developmental as well as signing up talents from the indies to compete.
  8. Another example: New Japan was on its deathbed in 2005 because of Inokism. NJPW founder Antonio Inoki refused to get with the times and worked his own philosophy of throwing wrestlers against MMA fighters to "prove wrestling is the strongest sport" and they were heading to death faster than a speeding train.

    Ten years later and look where they are now.
  9. Two different deals. WWE is for casual Dan's and Japan is for you giant marks who just love wrestling
  10. From a western smark perspective sure. There's a lot of casual fans in Japan.

    Tons of women in their 20s show up to just oggle the muscled men in tights
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  11. This isn't even comparable, like at all. They are both completely different styles from completely different parts of the world with completely different guys in the ring. This isn't a cut and dry discussion, there is opinion and tastes in wrestling. Like Dave Meltzer for example loves Japanese wrestling where as there are people who don't care for it myself included.

    I personally don't really care for NJPW, it just doesn't do anything for me. I can name 2 matches from NJPW that I truly loved and that was Devitt/Ibushi from WK 8 (Its not even that great a match I just really enjoyed it at the time) and Shibata/Ishii G1 Day 4 2013. Outside of that I like some of the Super Jr stuff and thats about it, I used to really like it when I was younger but it just doesn't do anything for me. I like some Dragon Gate here and there and DDT is funny.

    Its not really a discussion of this is better than this its all personal preference, just watch what you like.
  12. Also the idea that no Japanese companies have "favorites" is ridiculous, even more ridiculous is to say that in ring is all that matters and that peoples mic skills and "look" isn't a really big factor in what makes an overall good wrestler, sure you can be fantastic in the ring but if you don't have any mic skills and look like shit how is anyone supposed to market you? Pro Wrestling isn't always about what goes on in the ring, its a business after all.
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  13. I was watching the Hirooki Goto vs. Naomichi Marufuji G1 Climax match again and felt many of NJPW's matches are worthy of an encore viewing. I can't say the same about the matches I see on Raw or even Smackdown. Once I'm done watching the show, I don't watch it again. Even the AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton match on Smackdown, as good as it was, Styles has been in better matches. Styles had to water down his moveset to fit the WWE Style of Wrestling.

    Many of New Japan's matches are worthy of an encore viewing. I watched Michael Elgin vs. Tetsuya Naito and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Hirooki Goto again. If a wrestling match is so good that it's worthy of an encore viewing then I gotta say New Japan is better than the WWE.
  14. TBF the G1 and RAW/Smackdown cannot really be compared. One is episodic TV and the other is a massive tournament that happens once a year.

    Japanese wrestling and American wrestling are structured so differently. American wrestling is in large episodic. The TV matches are not there to be 5 stars, but to move the product forward towards the PPVs, where the memorable and rewatchable stuff happens. Japanese wrestling is not necessarily a TV medium, since most promotions only have 2-3 TV slots per month if they are lucky, and never on a set time table. All Japan doesn't have Tuesday nights in Japan, but airs whenever their networks find room to slot them in.

    It very much is a apples and oranges argument really which one is better.
  15. I brought up the G1 as an example of NJPW's wrestling style. NJPW does tournaments New Japan Cup, The Best of Super Juniors, World Tag League, and G1 Climax. It is structured into their promotion. You are right WWE shows are moving their product towards the pay-per-views where the memorable stuff happens but most of the memorable stuff is not as memorable as the matches which gets put out by New Japan on its weekly shows. Many of those matches are NJPW shows like Power Struggle, King of Pro Wrestling, and Destruction in Hirsoshima.

    For Japanese wrestling which isn't a TV medium NJPW is doing one helluva job with its product: New Japan won 2016's Wrestling Observer Best Weekly TV Show which is a laudable achievement. They have the best announcing team in wrestling today with Jim Ross and Josh Barnett.

    To watch an old WWE pay-per-view on Direct TV such as Beast in the East or Summer Slam 2015 it's $3.99 for a two-day rental, which means I can not watch the show at my convenience. Wrestle Kingdom 11 was aired at no additional charge on New Japan's AXS show.
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    NJPW doesn't have a weekly show.

    NJPW doesn't even touch the AXS show. That's all on AXS (they literally buy match rights off TV asashi and cut and paste them with English commentary). Of course a cut and paste show with high end ppv matches from new japan is going to come off as "better" than your regular wrestling TV.

    and the fact that a cut and paste show featuring old new japan matches won best TV in the observer awards is a joke. Especially considering that shows like the CWC were not even allowed in that bracket.

    Another factor is that AXS cherry picks what matches they will show on the show. You're only going to get the best matches, and not the regular 2-3 star chores to watch matches that guys like Yujiro and Taichi put out.
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    When I checked the internet, Power Struggle, King of Pro Wrestling, and Destruction in Hirsoshima weren't ppvs, these were regular shows. NJPW does have a weekly show. It's on every Fridays. AXS renewed NJPW's show for an additional seventeen episodes this season which means New Japan has got to be doing something right. They have to do a "cut and paste" job because when these matches transfer to America AXS TV has Jim Ross, Josh Barnett, or Mauro Ranallo do the English commentary.

    If AXS cherry picks what matches to show on its programming they're not very good at cherry picking. This past year, they've put out mediocre matches like Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano, Rappongi Vice vs. ACH & Taiji Ishimori, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Toru Yano, Hirooki Goto vs. EVIL, Tiger Mask vs. Red Death Mask, Yuji Nagata vs. Karl Anderson, and Mike Bennett & Matt Taven vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows for the IWGP Tag team titles.

    And, by the way, New Japan does air Yujiro Takahashi's matches. They featured his matches against Tomoaki Honma in the G1 Climax 25; him teaming up with Bad Luck Fale against Tetsuya Naito & Tomoaki Honma; and his six-man tag team match from Wrestle Kingdom 11.

    Doesn't Wrestling Observer allows it readers to vote for the awards? Because Wrestling Observer readers voted WWE NXT as the best weekly show in 2013, 2014, and 2015. CWC was, in fact, included in the bracket. Voters had a choice to vote for Cruiserweight Classics. If they didn't vote for CWC and chose New Japan this means voters saw CWC as an inferior product and felt NJPW was the better of the two shows.
  18. Power Struggle, King of Pro Wrestling and Destruction are PPVs. Like with WWE they have moved to a monthly subscription basis. But these shows are historically ppvs and are to be treated as such.

    To say that New Japan has a weekly US TV show sounds very asinine when they have no hand in the production of it outside of putting on the matches.
  19. Disagreed.
    If it was better, then I guess this would be called "NJPW Forums".
    WWE has a lot deeper roster with worldwide known talents, meanwhile Japan is a place for wrestlers to develop their talent, character etc. like indie companies.
    Minus for WWE is that they restrict their wrestlers both in ring and on the mic, meanwhile in New Japan, you wouldn't be so held back and make impact in spite of anyone.
    NJPW has too many tag matches, they have a 3-man tag team championship for God's sake.
    WWE's presentation is miles ahead of any other wrestling company in the world. For me, wrestling is 70% presentation, 30% wrestling. If a wrestler doesn't have a cool entrance, theme and ring gear, I don't care about them.
    Those are just a few reasons why I disagree with this argument.
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